Toyota Ceramic Coating

  • Is Toyota ceramic coating worth it?
    • Yes! Ceramic costings offer an unbeatable combination of performance and price. We have put our products under some of the most extensive testing and performance validation to verify it's performance. Unlike some Ceramic Coatings on the market, there is no need for special tools, equipment, or experience to apply. In addition, our chemistry paired maintenance products makes cleaning and maintaining the coating extremely easy without any guesswork involved.

      We are confident that our Ceramic Matrix coating is one of the finest ceramic coatings available on the market.

  • How long does a Toyota ceramic coating last?
    • Our proprietary ingredients work to create a stunningly rich, non-stick finish that doesn't fade or dull for 3+ years of protection. Ceramic Coating does not wash away like a typical wax or sealant. With just one application, you will get all the protection your vehicle needs.
  • Is ceramic coating good for your car?
    • Absolutely! Our coating is designed to be the finest Ceramic Coating on the market. It has been certified to perform even through some of the most rigorous testing in the world. We had our product independently tested and certified by the globally recognized SGS Swiss Laboratories for chemical resistance, hydrophobic contact angles, and 9H Hardness (ASTM D3363 Film Hardness).

      We didn't stop there, our coating is approved by Boeing™ for passing its rigorous testing for corrosion, embrittlement, and paint softening resistance, certifying it for use in the Aerospace industry.