1 - 8oz Bottle (Intro Price)
RESIST - Graphene Spray Coating
RESIST - Graphene Spray Coating
RESIST - Graphene Spray Coating
RESIST - Graphene Spray Coating
RESIST - Graphene Spray Coating
RESIST - Graphene Spray Coating
1 - 16oz Bottle (Intro Price)
1 - 128oz Bottle (Best Value)

RESIST - Graphene Spray Coating

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  • Incredibly slick, and durable.
  • 12+ months of Graphene protection.
  • Maintains and Enhances Coatings.
  • Coats Every Type of Finish!
Selection: 1 - 8oz Bottle (Intro Price)
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Breakthrough Hybrid Graphene Formula
A graphene (rGO)-infused ceramic (Si02) spray combined into one product to provide an effortless application with long lasting results.
Maintains and Enhances Coatings
This spray and wipe formula adds 2-in-1 versatility to enhance coatings or achieve durable, stand-alone protection.
Durable Stand-Alone Protection
Resist provides exceptional long-term protection for 12+ months. Repelling UV rays, water, dirt and dust on contact.
Incredibly Slick, Glossy, Streak Free Finish
The perfect combination of ease of use and performance. 


Our formulation team developed an ALL DIY graphene + ceramic super sealant that uses our Insta-Bond Technology™ to create a super durable and slick coating on-contact.

Finally, a ceramic + graphene super sealant, all in one bottle!

Our proprietary formula pairs our ceramic resins with graphene, creating a super slick, durable topcoat that goes on effortlessly. When you spray Resist on any surface, the coating forms immediately thanks to our Insta-Bond Technology™! The bond created provides truly excellent and lasting results! 

Application is done in minutes, not hours!

Resist is versatile and can be used in a couple of different ways:

Coating Maintenance – Resist furthers the life expectancy of your coating. If you have a coating that needs a touch-up, Resist works extremely well to fill in those low spots.

Stand-Alone Protection – If you have an uncoated car that you want to protect in an easy and cost-efficient way, Resist provides stand-alone protection for up to 12+ months!

Insta-Bond™ Contact Formula

Insta-Bond™ is our proprietary coating technology that instantly produces gloss, slickness, water beading and durability upon contact. You can see this effect at work with each spray of our product. Upon contact with the surface the product immediately disperses and cures. It cures so quickly that even excess product residue beads up and begins to reject itself!

Anyone can achieve incredible results

Long gone are the days of spending hours bending over your car, scrubbing, polishing and waxing away. Resist is the answer! Whether you're just getting started in detailing or if you're a professional detailer, anyone can pick up Resist and be shocked by the truly incredible results it provides!

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Most ceramic coatings on the market are comprised of Sio2 (Silicone Dioxide) which is commonly referred to as Silica, also known as sand or glass. Graphene was discovered in 2004 and won a nobel prize in 2010 due to its incredible attributes which have shown to be 100X stronger than steel while remaining flexible and not breaking.

Graphene Matrix utilizes this innovative technology to make a formula that takes ceramic coatings to the next level. Making them easier to apply while providing additional benefits and results.

Graphene Coatings are an evolution on the tried and true Ceramic Coating and are applied in a very similar manner while reducing some of the risks and potential downsides.

With options ranging from Teflon (PTFE) to Ceramic and Graphene it can be hard to determine which car coating is the best option for your vehicle.

Graphene Matrix Coating was formulated using the latest technologies to provide the professional or DIYer the best performance and easiest installation. This means that just ONE application can last 5 or more years as well as make your maintenance routine as easy as it comes.

Ethos Graphene Coatings provide a protective coating to your vehicle shielding it from UV rays, oxidation and other environmental contaminants.

Due to its incredibly strong Graphene structure, Graphene Coatings have been show to provide a very durable protective layer for any car, truck or boat.

You can expect your Graphene Matrix Coating to last up to 5 years! Compared to Ceramic Coatings, Graphene Matrix performs extremely well in many areas, such as water spot resistance, ability to reject water on contact, and surface hardness.

One of the greatest things about our Graphene Matrix technology is that you can apply it without needing any professional tools or experience. Simply follow the instructions included with each package and you can achieve fantastic results from the comfort of your own home.