Graphene Coating and Maintenance Kit

Graphene Coating and Maintenance Kit

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Enhanced With Ultra-Refined Graphene Resins
Utilizes an ALL NEW innovative Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) resins that bonds to the surface, forming an impenetrable layer of protection.
Hydrophobic Nanotechnology
Graphene nanotechnology repels dust, dirt, and contaminants. Improved resistance from scratches, water spots, staining, and etching.
5+ Years of Protection
Durability rated in years, not months. Once applied, this coating forms a permanent bond to the surface providing exceptional long-term protection.
Incredible Gloss, Shine, and Slickness
The nanoparticle Graphene layer leaves a stunningly rich, deepened gloss that drastically enhances the look and shine of your paint.

The Latest and Greatest In Graphene Coating Technology for 2022

V2.0 was built from the ground up to enhance every aspect of a coating's performance. We formulated this coating with our ALL NEW Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) resins, additional silicates, and additives. Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0 is a complete evolution in car coating technology, equipped with robust performance while being easy to use. 

With the great success of our original Graphene Coating launched in early 2020, the next iteration had large shoes to fill. Good simply wasn't “good enough".

Through countless iterations over MANY months, we have created a Graphene Ceramic Coating that provides greater results and easier application at an even more affordable price point.

More slickness? Check.

Better durability? Check.

Easier application? Check.

More gloss? Out of this world!

Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0 combines everything we've learned into a single coating that turns ANYONE into a pro.

How does Graphene Matric Coating V1.0 and Graphene Matric Coating V2.0 compare?

V2.0 was a complete redesign of our original Graphene Matrix Coating. We are always looking for additional performance from our products. So we traveled up the supply chain and approached our raw material manufacturers to find a way to further increase the performance and usability of our coatings. Doing this led us to significant breakthroughs, enabling large improvements in our coating across the board.

With Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0 you can expect:

  • Increased durability

  • Increased slickness

  • Increased ultra high gloss and luster

  • Increased resistance to water spotting and staining

  • Higher activity resin

  • Low VOC slower flash solvent for quicker application

An Evolution In Car Graphene Coating Technology 

Graphene Matrix V2.0 utilizes the latest in nano coating technology to create an incredibly strong and flexible coating that anyone can use. This breakthrough technology can be applied to just about any surface, including painted surfaces, glass surfaces, plastic trim, while enabling greater versatility and a true one-size-fits-all application.

Whether you are a first-time coating user or a professional detailer, Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0 is guaranteed to perform month after month.

Revolutionary Coating Made with Graphene 

Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0 utilizes an ALL NEW innovative Reduced Graphene Oxide composite that bonds to form a semi-permanent coating of impenetrable protection. Our unique chemistry makes this coating easier to install than typical ceramic coatings. Since graphene coatings do not harden or crystallize like traditional ceramic coatings, they are less prone to water spots and reduced risks of potentially irreversible high spots or streaking.

5+ Years of Protection

Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0’s durability is rated in years, not months like many spray-on conventional Ceramic Coatings. Once applied, this coating forms a permanent bond to the finish, protecting from and repelling dirt and contaminants.

Hydrophobic Nanotechnology

Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0’s unparalleled hydrophobic properties to resist contamination is due to its extremely high water contact angle. Shedding water and contaminants with ease, while greatly reducing the risk of etching, water spots, and staining on the paint surface. In addition to its resistance to swirl marks, scratching, weathering, and oxidation, Graphene Coating V2.0 creates a layer that forms an almost impenetrable barrier on top of the vehicle's paint once applied. Future maintenance, cleaning, and washing of your vehicle will never be easier. Especially when paired with our Graphene Coating Maintenance product line.

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Most ceramic coatings on the market are comprised of Sio2 (Silicone Dioxide) which is commonly referred to as Silica, also known as sand or glass. Graphene was discovered in 2004 and won a nobel prize in 2010 due to its incredible attributes which have shown to be 100X stronger than steel while remaining flexible and not breaking.

Graphene Matrix utilizes this innovative technology to make a formula that takes ceramic coatings to the next level. Making them easier to apply while providing additional benefits and results.

Graphene Coatings are an evolution on the tried and true Ceramic Coating and are applied in a very similar manner while reducing some of the risks and potential downsides.

With options ranging from Teflon (PTFE) to Ceramic and Graphene it can be hard to determine which car coating is the best option for your vehicle.

Graphene Matrix Coating was formulated using the latest technologies to provide the professional or DIYer the best performance and easiest installation. This means that just ONE application can last 5 or more years as well as make your maintenance routine as easy as it comes.

Ethos Graphene Coatings provide a protective coating to your vehicle shielding it from UV rays, oxidation and other environmental contaminants.

Due to its incredibly strong Graphene structure, Graphene Coatings have been show to provide a very durable protective layer for any car, truck or boat.

You can expect your Graphene Matrix Coating to last up to 5 years! Compared to Ceramic Coatings, Graphene Matrix performs extremely well in many areas, such as water spot resistance, ability to reject water on contact, and surface hardness.

One of the greatest things about our Graphene Matrix technology is that you can apply it without needing any professional tools or experience. Simply follow the instructions included with each package and you can achieve fantastic results from the comfort of your own home.