How To Wash Microfiber Cloths (DIY Guide)

How To Wash Microfiber Cloths (DIY Guide)

Microfiber cloths are undoubtedly one of the best detailing tools you could invest in. High quality towels can be used countless times only if you take the time to properly wash and care for them. In this guide we'll run you through several ways to get the most out of your microfiber cloths!

If you care about your vehicle chances are that you’ve invested time and money researching, purchasing and using microfiber cloths or towels at some point in the process. Suffice to say the quality of the detailing tools and materials you use have a huge impact on your detailing results.

Purchasing microfiber towels and applicators is not an insignificant investment and although they function as a vital part of the detailing process, they too require proper cleaning and care.

What is Microfiber and How Does It Work?

Microfiber is known in the car detailing industry for its superb ability to clean, shine and polish vehicle surfaces with outstanding results. This is due to their makeup up of tiny, microscopic fibers composed typically of between 70% polyester and 30% polyamide. This combination makes them the perfect choice for water absorption for drying your vehicle, wax or polish removal and many other tasks without leaving behind swirl marks or scratches.

Can You Wash and Re-Use Microfiber Towels?

But what happens when your towels become used and soiled? Do they just accumulate in the corner of your garage or at the bottom of your laundry basket to never be used again? They definitely shouldn't. High quality microfiber towels are designed to be washed and reused countless times. It is very important though, to properly wash and care for your microfibers as they do require unique treatment to keep them performing at their best.

Pro Tip: Don't throw them in with the bath towels!


What is The Best Way to Wash Microfiber Towels?

  1. Always wash new microfiber towels prior to first use to remove any loose factory production fibers.
  2. Always wash newer black, orange, and red colored towels separately from lighter colored towels to avoid any risk of bleeding.
  3. Choose a gentle detergent without any scents, softeners or aggressive cleaners, preferably a dedicated Microfiber Wash cleaner.

How To Wash Towels for Cars:

Hand wash in warm water with a mild, clean-rinsing liquid soap; rinse well.

  • Thorough Cleaning: All microfiber towels from Ethos are machine washable. Do not exceed 140⁰F at the risk of damaging the fibers leaving them much less effective.
  • Machine Wash in Warm Water with a Mild, Clean-Rinsing Liquid Detergent that is as Free of Dyes and Perfumes as Possible
  • Tumble Dry Low Heat / No Heat or Hang to Dry
  • Do NOT Iron Do NOT Use Any Fabric Softener as this Clogs the Microfibers and Reduces Performance
  • Do NOT Use Chlorine Bleach as this Prematurely Breaks Down the Fibers and Reduces/Eliminates the Valuable Dust & Dirt Collecting Electrical Charge of Microfiber
  • ONLY Wash with other Non-Linting Materials (NO Cotton!) to Maintain Proper Water and Dirt-Gripping Properties and Lint-Free Characteristics
  • SORT Microfiber Towels Similar To Your Regular Laundry Process: DON'T Wash Brightly Colored (Red, Orange) or Black Towels with Lightly Colored (Light Blue, Yellow) or White Towels as Bleeding May Occur with Newer Towels

ADVICE: Keep used/dirty microfiber towels in a separate bin from your regular laundry to reduce the risk of accidentally damaging your valuable microfiber by washing them together

Car Cleaning Cloths:

The microfiber construction of our cleaning cloths allows them to effectively clean both wet and dry surfaces without the use of any chemicals.

Using Microfiber on Glass Surfaces:

  • Dusting: use the cloth dry; or spray with a sprig of water for damp dusting.
  • Cleaning: dampen the cloth, wring well and wipe...OR mist a cloth with water to get the right amount of dampness.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Sinks, counter-tops, etc. - turn on the water and start cleaning. Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe surfaces dry.

Cleaning Carpets With Microfiber

To remove spills and stains, get the carpet thoroughly damp with hot water. Using a very damp (hot water) microfiber cloth, rub in different directions using "elbow grease".

To Sum Things Up

Microfiber is a very important tool in your car detailing, home or office cleaning arsenal. Follow the steps as we have outlined and your microfiber cloths will retain their great color, softness and cleaning power for years to come.


Microfiber FAQ

Microfiber twoels are good for car cleaning, home cleaning, glass cleaning, carpet cleaning and many more tasks.

Due to their Polyamide and Polyster construction they offer superior cleaning and absorption abilities as compared to cotton or wool.

Microfiber towels work very well in cleaning and absorbing liquids. They offer a combination of polyester and polyamide that are both tough and gentle for use on a wide variety of surfaces and applications. Ranging from car detailing to home care.

High quality microfiber will not scratch your car. Microfiber cloths are great choices for car detailing as they offer scratch free cleaning.

Microfiber Cleaning & Care

Ethos Microfiber Cloths DO NOT require washing before use as we take them through a washing process at our factory. This helps prevent unwanted linting or streaking.

For best results on washing microfiber cloths we recommend reading our article on Microfiber Cloth Cleaning.

The maint difference is in the ingredients and materials theyre designed for. Microfiber Detergent is specifically designed to clean and condition the polyamide and polyster construction of microfiber.

Clothing detergents are generally best used for cotton or other fabric construction and thus dont make them the best fit for Microfiber.

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