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As requested by our customers, Ethos now offers high quality, professional-grade products for use in your car detail or mobile car detailing business. We supply the best auto detailing products ranging from car waxes to ceramic coatings, microfiber cloths, accessories and more to help you grow your detailing business.

Ethos Wholesale members receive access to exclusive pricing and incentives which enable car detailers to help grow their businesses by adding both profit and quality results to their portfolio of service offerings.

Want to provide even more value to your customers and earn some extra profit? Sell them easy to use maintenance products to ensure they properly maintain your car detailing, ceramic coating or PPF service.

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All Ethos Wholesale Members Receive*:

  • Additional 20% Off All* Detailing Chemicals (*excludes special deals)
  • Additional 20% Off All* Microfibers, Pads & Accessories (*excludes special deals)
  • Additional 20% Off Already Discounted Bundles & Kits (excludes sales, clearance items, and special deals)
  • Additional 20% Off All Ethos Branded Hats, Promotional Items, T-Shirts, & Stickers
  • Certification and access to install Graphene Matrix PRO*, backed by our manufacturer 10 year warranty.

Wholesale Membership Rules:

  • Ethos Wholesale Membership is open to all types of professional businesses with an active / verifiable website, Facebook page, Instagram feed, other Social Media, State Business Registration Number or other means of validating an active status.
  • Approval of membership is at the discretion of Ethos Car Care based upon the business validation information provided during the application process.  Ethos Car Care also reserves the right to cancel membership at any time.
  • Online coupon codes cannot be “stacked”. Only one coupon code may be used per order. Use the coupon code that works best for you for any particular order
  • *Ethos Graphene Matrix PRO is available ONLY to approved and authorized installers.



If you own a detailing shop or mobile detailing business you qualify! We are looking to partner with detailers who can show they have a valid business license and enable them to use high quality products at a discounted price.

No, we do not require minimum order values to qualify for discount savings. But we will close out any accounts that remain inactive within 60 days of activation.

Once you are approved, you would shop just like you normally would on our website. When you are logged into your profile your discounts and savings will be automatically applied to the products in your order.

Graphene PRO

Graphene PRO is our certified installer coating which provides an elevated level of protection and performance from our consumer offerings. This coating is available to shops whom have met our criteria or undergone a certification training to be approved to provide Graphene PRO within their business.

First, fill out the information above so that we can get your account created or activated. We do require experience with our consumer level coatings first before moving into our certification trainings for Graphene PRO.