Wheel Cleaning Brush Combo

Wheel Cleaning Brush Combo

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Wheel Cleaning Brush Kit

Cleaning your rims has never been easier! The Ethos Angled Wheel Cleaning brush kit helps you get the most out of your car washing process. This kit includes both medium (16") and Large (19") sized brushes.

Their 45* angled design helps you get the harder-to-reach areas of your rims, wheels, or fender liners to ensure you never miss a spot. Made of durable and scratch-free microfiber to ensure gentle and effective cleaning on any wheel surface.

  • Soft microfiber safe on all wheel types (Painted, Chrome, Powdercoat, Metal, Aluminum)
  • Angled 45* design is great for hard-to-reach areas
  • Perfect sizes for any vehicle
  • Microfibers hold tons of thick foamy suds
  • A durable, metal-free design reduces the risk of scratching
  • A comfortable hand grip keeps the brush from slipping