How to maintain your Ceramic Wax PRO coating

One of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis goes something like this... "Hey, I just bought your Ceramic Wax PRO and was wondering what you guys recommend for maintaining its finish."

It's a GREAT question and it's important to understand the right ways and wrong ways to go about maintaining the product. Because, let's face it. The last thing you want to do after spending time applying Ceramic Wax to your car is to mess it up by using Dawn soap and a brillo pad! 


Just Kidding... We know you wouldn't go THAT far.

The good news is that fortunately your maintenance after applying Ceramic Wax PRO is extremely easy. We will break this down into 2 processes, the first being "Washing" and the second being "Refreshing" .


Step 1: Washing

This process involves removing the gunk that is on top of your vehicle that is hiding its shine and beauty. This "gunk" will happen no matter how far away you park from trees, whether it is winter or summer or dependent upon what color your car is. Its just a fact of life that things will get dirty, including your vehicle surface. 

Whats great about Ceramic Wax PRO is that we formulated Ceramic Resins into this product that bond to the clear coat on a microscopic level. Once these resins bond and embed themselves to the finish they go and form a hardened layer of protection that sits right on top of your paint. This hardened layer creates a super slippery Non-Stick finish that is great at repelling water and road grime just like the Non-Stick pans in your kitchen.

The main benefit you will see of this affect comes when you are ready to get the car cleaned. The frequency of when you do this will vary upon many factors such as: How often you drive your car, your climate, whether the car is stored inside or outside, the vehicles use and so forth. 


So now...

How Often Do I Wash My Car?

As a rule of thumb we recommend washing a minimum of every 2-3 weeks or roughly every 3-500 miles. To get the maximum performance out of your vehicles protection, we DO NOT recommend letting your vehicle sit for months and months without cleaning.

We all know how difficult it is to clean the caked on pan we left in the sink the day after compared to when we first use it!

What Products Do I Use?

Thankfully, (in our infinite wisdom) we designed products that are chemistry paired with our Ceramic Wax PRO to make your process extremely easy. This means that they all come from the same family and love to get together and sing happy songs.

EVERY TIME you use these products you deep clean and add additional shine, slickness and protection back to your finish, a Win-Win!! Now, not only does car washing make your car clean, but you are also adding protection and shine back to your vehicle.


First, Our Ceramic Shampoo is the #1 recommendation for cleaning and maintaining your Ceramic Wax PRO finish. Ceramic Shampoo is not just a normal soap with a cool name. We combined special cleaners and surfactants that safely remove surface "Gunk" without stripping away any protection, drying out your vehicles trim or rubbers or leaving behind streaks or residue. 

Then, we added in the SAME Ceramic Resins that you can find in our Ceramic Wax PRO product. We did this so that when used together, Ceramic Shampoo can shake hands with your protective layer of Ceramic Wax to fill out any low spots, add further shine and protection and rejuvenate your coating with each wash!

Clean and Protect in the same step! Winning!

Stock up on Ceramic Shampoo ->

Step 2: Refreshing


Refresh: verb - 


give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.

Just like it is important to put on moisturizer or  sunscreen, your Ceramic Wax PRO coating benefits from conditioning and "Refreshing". 


But unlike Sunscreen, you will actually enjoy using this product!

Ceramic Refresh is unlike any detail spray currently on the market. Much like Ceramic Shampoo, we formulated it with the same types of Ceramics that are found in Ceramic Wax PRO. There are also gloss and slickness agents added to further "refresh" the surfaces Non-Stick characteristics with each use. 

As the finish gets weathered and protects against the daily rigors the environment puts it through Ceramic Refresh is used to bring the finish back and add further gloss, slickness and protection.

How Often Do I Use Ceramic Refresh?

Unlike Sunscreen or Moisturizer, you do not need to apply this every day with sun exposure.

For best results Ceramic Refresh is recommended to be used in sequence with Ceramic Shampoo after the vehicle has been cleaned.

We recommend application every 1-2 months or whenever you want to add a pop of shine, slickness and gloss to your finish.


Also! Ceramic Refresh works great on plastic trim, vinyl, rubber and matte or satin surface to add a deep, rich glow and protection.

There you have it! Paired with our Ceramic Wax PRO, Ceramic Shampoo and Ceramic Refresh are the perfect prescription to keep your car looking its best at all times, while being a breeze to clean!


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