ALL NEW Ceramic Refresh V2.0: The Ultimate Ceramic Coating Topper & Sealant

ALL NEW Ceramic Refresh V2.0: The Ultimate Ceramic Coating Topper & Sealant

Discover the enhanced features of Ceramic Refresh Version 2.0. A blend of cutting-edge technology and powerful performance for every car lover.
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Attention car enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to introduce the all-new formulation of our beloved product, Ceramic Refresh. While it’s not entirely new to our product range, we've taken your feedback, done our homework, and have now re-introduced an improved version of Ceramic Refresh to the market.

From Version 1.0 to 2.0: The Evolution

Recall the pioneering Ceramic Refresh 1.0? It marked our debut into sprayable ceramic coatings with its water-based formula. It served as a standalone protectant or an enhancer for existing ceramic coatings. After rigorous testing and iterations, we’ve taken the best of 1.0, fixed its quirks, and created the superior Ceramic Refresh Version 2.0.

Why Ceramic Refresh 2.0 Stands Out

  • Increased Durability: We've amplified the strength and lifespan of the product, ensuring you get more value with every spray.

  • Simplified Application: We’ve simplified the process. It's a quick spray-on, wipe-off formula with a reduced curing time, giving you more time to admire your car’s sheen!

  • Versatile Use: Whether you have ceramic or graphene-based coatings, this can be your go-to maintenance product. If you're using graphene products, check out our specialized maintenance line.

  • Enhanced Hydrophobicity: With our patented InstaBond formula, this edition promises unparalleled water repelling capabilities.

Application Made Easy

We believe that protection should not be cumbersome. With Ceramic Refresh 2.0:

  1. Layer It Up: Use it as a top layer over any existing protection, without the fuss of decontamination.

  2. Standalone Protection: On clean surfaces, it can guard your vehicle for up to six months.

  3. Routine Use: Ideal for those who like to spruce up their cars frequently. The product seamlessly complements other products in our range.

What Customers Are Saying

Rather than chasing the longest-lasting sealant, we listened to you. Many of you sought an easy-to-use product for regular applications, and that's precisely what Ceramic Refresh 2.0 offers. Our goal was to ensure you enjoy every application, irrespective of weather conditions, without the headache of complicated prep work.

Wrap Up

Available in two sizes, the 16 oz pint and the generous gallon size for avid car lovers and professional detailers. Paired with our ceramic shampoo, it's the ultimate two-in-one combo. While we recommend our products for the best chemistry and results, it works wonders with any brand of ceramic products.

Find the new Ceramic Refresh 2.0 on our website and Amazon, ready to ship globally. Excited to give it a whirl? We’re eager to hear your thoughts. Drop your reviews, questions, or suggestions in the comments below, and don’t forget to stay tuned for more innovations from our end.

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