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Interior Detailer & Conditioner Spray

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  • Cleans & Protects : Cleans interiors and offers UV protection without streaks or greasiness.
  • Rejuvenates Interiors : Cleans and protects various surfaces, leaving a "Like New" finish while neutralizing odors.
  • Fresh Scent & Anti-Static Properties : Features a coconut scent and reduces dust accumulation.
  • Non-Greasy Finish : Provides a unique non-greasy, no-streak finish on interior surfaces.
Selection: 1 - Gallon (Best Value)
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Clean, Neutralize and Protect All Interior Finishes

Ethos Interior Detailer lightly cleans and protects interior finishes in one easy step. This non-greasy, streak free formula provides UV-Protection and helps neutralize unwanted odors. There is no better or easier way to maintain a clean, crisp interior!

Brings Interiors Back to Life

Magical spray detailer that cleans, protects and neutralizes interior surfaces. An All in one spray and wipe cleaner and protectant that creates a non greasy, “Like New” finish to dashboards, leather, vinyl, plastics and all interior surfaces. Odor neutralizers remove smells and leave behind a clean, crisp finish.

Refreshing Scent and Odor Removal

The fresh, coconut scent will leave you wanting to sit and enjoy your interior. Anti-static technologies help prevent dust from clinging to your interior the second you’re done wiping it! Your search for a clean, like new interior is over!

Non-Greasy Finish

Unlike most interior detailers, this will give any surface inside of your vehicle a new, non-greasy, no streak finish.