Graphene Coating 2.0 BETA
Graphene Coating 2.0 BETA
Graphene Coating 2.0 BETA

Graphene Coating 2.0 BETA

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Behind the scenes are months and months of constant formulation work, trying to find innovative ways to improve our products. "Good Enough" is not a phrase we consider, and often we find ourselves chasing our tails trying to enhance a developmental product that is already perfect.

Offering this product as part of our BETA program is a way to give our customers a chance to try out what we've been working so hard on perfecting behind the scenes for the last 18 months.

We know you'll love the improvements we have made to this coating and are offering it as a limited release for our loyal customers who want to get their hands on it before its official launch.

If you have used our original Graphene Matrix Coating, you know how easy, durable and hydrophobic it is. Graphene 2.0 Takes this to the next level and addresses further improvements in many of its categories.

  • Increased durability
  • Increased slickness
  • Increased gloss and luster
  • Increased resistance to water spotting and staining
  • Higher activity resin
  • Low VOC slower flash solvent for quicker application

BETA 2.0 will only be available for a limited time and offered at an introductory price point. We will take all the feedback and reviews we receive to make its final release as good as possible. We look forward to releasing this product to you, our customers, after so much hard work to get it to this point. We cant wait to see your results.