GrapheneNew Formula!
1 - 50mL Bottle
EZ Glass - Graphene Glass Coating 50mL
EZ Glass - Graphene Glass Coating 50mL
EZ Glass - Graphene Glass Coating 50mL
EZ Glass - Graphene Glass Coating 50mL
EZ Glass - Graphene Glass Coating 50mL

EZ Glass - Graphene Glass Coating 50mL

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  • Proprietary Graphene Infused - Silane Formula : Unique graphene-silane blend for advanced glass protection, ensuring long-lasting clarity and durability.
  • Highly Hydrophobic and Slick Glass Surface : Creates a water-repellent surface, significantly improving visibility and reducing the need for wipers at speeds above 30MPH.
  • Exceptional Resistance : Extremely abrasion and detergent resistant, maintaining the integrity of glass surfaces in various driving conditions.
  • Effortless Application with Long-Term Protection : Easy to apply with no cure time required, providing approximately 12 months or 20,000 miles of durable glass protection​​.
Selection: 1 - 50mL Bottle
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Hydrophobic Car Glass Coating

Introducing EZ Glass – the ultimate breakthrough in automotive glass protection technology. This revolutionary product provides unmatched durability, hydrophobicity, and resistance, ensuring that your vehicle's glass surfaces stay pristine and clear in all driving conditions.

  • Proprietary Graphene Infused - Silane Formula
  • Generates a Highly Hydrophobic and slick Glass Surface
  • Low Slide Angle - No Wipers Needed Above 30MPH
  • Extremely Abrasion & Detergent Resistant
  • No Cure Time Required & Effortless Application
  • 12+ Month Durability or Approx. 20,000 Miles

EZ Glass Coating utilizes our latest breakthrough in graphene-oxide technology. By specializing this coating formulation for glass, we’ve pioneered maximum possible longevity along with exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance while still remaining effortless to apply. Unlike traditional ceramic coatings, EZ Glass penetrates and cures within the molecular structure of the glass, making it remarkably resistant to wiper abrasion and daily wear and tear. This innovative approach ensures optimal performance and durability.

This coating cures to form an incredibly slick surface, promoting an extreme hydrophobic effect with a very low sliding angle. As a result, contaminants like water, mud, sleet, and snow slide off the glass at speeds as low as 30 mph. Even aggressive detergents are shed with ease. EZ Glass Coating is our best answer for how to maximize the safety of driving in adverse weather conditions and keeping glass surfaces cleaner for longer via a strong hydrophobic, self-cleaning effect.

What makes EZ Glass so great?

No CURE TIME OR FLASH TIME meaning this is our easiest to use coating to date. Simply prep the glass with Clarity - Glass Cleaner or Detox - Coating Prep and apply. No tools or experience required! 


Yes, EZ Glass Coating for enhancing wet weather visibility in cars can be quite beneficial. Here's an overview of its advantages:

  1. Improved Visibility: The primary benefit of EZ Glass Coating in wet weather is the significant improvement in visibility. The coating repels water, causing raindrops to bead up and slide off more easily, which helps maintain a clearer view through the windshield and windows.
  2. Safety Enhancement: Enhanced visibility is crucial for safe driving, especially during heavy rain. By repelling water effectively, EZ Glass Coating reduces the likelihood of water smearing and obscuring the driver's view, which can be vital in preventing accidents.
  3. Reduced Dependence on Wipers: With this coating, the need for constant use of windshield wipers is reduced, especially at higher speeds where the wind force helps to clear the water droplets away. This can lead to less wear and tear on the wiper blades and potentially reduce driver fatigue in challenging weather conditions.
  4. Ease of Cleaning: The coating also makes it easier to clean the glass surfaces. Dirt, grime, and other residues are less likely to stick to a coated windshield, making the cleaning process quicker and more efficient.
  5. Longevity and Durability: Unlike standard rain-repellent treatments that need frequent reapplication, high-quality glass coatings like EZ Glass Coating tend to have a longer lifespan, ensuring prolonged effectiveness without the need for constant maintenance.
  6. Application and Maintenance: The effectiveness of EZ Glass Coating depends on proper application and maintenance. It's usually recommended to have it applied professionally to ensure it performs as intended.

Yes, ceramic coatings can be applied to glass surfaces on vehicles. These coatings are designed to bond with glass, providing benefits such as improved visibility in wet conditions, reduced adherence of dirt and grime, easier cleaning, and some level of UV protection. The glass must be thoroughly cleaned and free from any contaminants before the application to ensure the coating adheres properly and performs effectively.

EZ Glass Coating for cars is a protective layer applied to the glass surfaces of vehicles. It enhances visibility in wet conditions by repelling water, provides protection from environmental damage such as UV rays and dirt