30ml Starter Kit
EZPZ - Ceramic Coating 30ML Kit
EZPZ - Ceramic Coating 30ML Kit
EZPZ - Ceramic Coating 30ML Kit
EZPZ - Ceramic Coating 30ML Kit
EZPZ - Ceramic Coating 30ML Kit
EZPZ - Ceramic Coating 30ML Kit

EZPZ - Ceramic Coating 30ML Kit

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  • Advanced Ceramic Formula : Utilizes a robust Polymersilazane blend for exceptional environmental resilience.
  • User-Friendly DIY Application : Engineered for easy, at-home professional results without the professional price tag.
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Properties : Offers superior water repellency, keeping your car cleaner for longer.
  • Long-Lasting Protection : Delivers up to 3 years of ultra-slick, high-gloss defense against the elements.
Size: 30ml Starter Kit
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Ceramic Coatings Aren't Dead; they’ve Evolved

  • Incredibly Easy DIY application
  • Engineered for extreme hydrophobics
  • Ultra-Slick Top Coating
  • Durable ceramic Polymersilazane formula

What is the best ceramic coating for cars? The simple answer is the one that you feel comfortable enough actually to apply. No doubt applying a ceramic coating provides long-lasting protection to your vehicle, but it isn’t also without risks. If you’ve never applied a ceramic coating before, this can be an overwhelming or even scary process. You may have heard things such as, “If installed improperly, they need to be sanded off”, Or “Ceramic coatings can only be installed by professionals.”.

EZPZ - Ceramic Polymer Coating breaks the stereotype that ceramic coatings are “hard” or “dangerous” to use. We cracked the code and designed a ceramic coating that is exceptionally easy and forgiving to apply while providing professional-level results. Now any DIYer, first-timer, or professional alike can quickly and efficiently apply a ceramic coating in a wide range of conditions.

How did we accomplish this? It wasn’t an easy task as traditionally, there is a trade-off between a product's performance and its usability. Many ceramic coatings provide excellent performance but are stubborn, difficult, or just downright frustrating to use. If you miss a spot during the application, some even require sanding to remove them. With EZPZ, all of these concerns are a thing of the past. We’ve engineered an entirely new Polymersilazane (The PZ in EZ-PZ) molecule that combines robust ceramic protection with flexible co-polymers. The end result of this breakthrough means a longer work time (Flash Time), allowing you to apply the coating across larger areas or even in higher temp or humidity environments. In addition, this flexible polymer chain means more flexibility and reduced risk of damaging high spots while providing an extremely slick, glossy, and durable hydrophobic coating. Furthermore, EZPZ is engineered for extreme water repellency, making it pair incredibly well as a topping layer to Graphene Matrix Coating V2, Max, or PRO.

How do you use EZPZ? EZPZ works great as a standalone ceramic coating with 2-3 years of durability per application or for additional hydrophobic performance on top of our Graphene Matrix V2, MAX, or Professional series coatings.

Incredible Hydrophobic properties are an important attribute of any ceramic coating, especially when used as a top coating. Due to our unique proprietary Co-Polymers, EZPZ offers some of the most incredible hydrophobic and water beading available on the market.


Yes, with EZPZ it has never been easier to ceramic coat your car! We formulated our coating to be easy and hassle free to install. Allowing you to apply professional level protection from the comfort of your garage or driveway.

A ceramic coating is applied in a very similar way to a car wax. The main diference between the two is in the prep work.

Since ceramic coatings leave behind a durable and long lasting layer of protection, its important that you apply the coating to a fully prepped finish.

This means washing, claying and doing a light polish (If necessary), will yield you the best results.

The best ceramic coating for your car is one that you feel comfortable and confident in applying.

Many products out there claim they're as hard as nails, but simply all you need is a product that works as it's claimed and is easy to use. That is where EZPZ comes in!

One of the best parts of a ceramic coating for you car is in how easy it makes cleaning and maintenance.

Due to the hydrophobic water beading effects, dust and dirt removes easily from the surface.

It is best to use our Ceramic Shampoo and other dedicated coating maitenance products to ensure an even more enjoyable car cleaning process.

Our Defy works incredibly well as a waterless car wash for light cleanings as well!