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Ceramic Matrix V2.0 - 9H Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Matrix V2.0 - 9H Ceramic Coating
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50ml Starter Kit
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Ceramic Matrix V2.0 - 9H Ceramic Coating

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  • Advanced Ceramic Technology : Engineered for superior resistance against environmental factors, including UV and harsh chemicals.
  • DIY Professional Grade : User-friendly application with pro-level results, offering affordability without compromising on quality.
  • 9H Hardness Certified : Top-tier hardness and a remarkable 4-year durability guarantee.
  • High Gloss & Slickness : Formulated for a deep, reflective shine that also makes surfaces incredibly smooth to the touch.
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Innovative Ceramic Chemistry
Highly refined formula provides incredible weather, chemical and UV protection for any surface.
Affordable DIY Application
Designed to be applied without the need for any professional equipment or experience.
Third-Party Tested
One of the most researched coatings on the market with SGS Verified 9H Hardness & Boeing Accreditation.
Slick, Glossy Finish
Proprietary resins and additives create a stunningly rich non-stick finish that lasts for 4+ years.

The Next Level In Ceramics 

Ceramic Matrix Coating is the latest evolution of ceramic technology. Ceramics (Sio2) have been studied and refined over the years, making them one of the most trusted forms of protection on the market. Ceramic Matrix offers an incredible balance of performance and value, making it our best iteration yet.

Unique Ceramic Chemistry

Ceramic Matrix forms a hard crystalline barrier that provides incredible weather, chemical, and UV protection on any surface. This DIY (Do-It-Yourself) coating adds diamond-like shine to your vehicle while making washing & maintenance easier than ever!

4+ Years of Protection

Ceramic Matrix is comprised of the highest quality Si02 resins and additives that imparts an incredibly resistant and repellent coating on any surface. These proprietary ingredients work to create a stunningly rich, non-stick finish that doesn't fade or dull for 3 or more years. Ceramic Matrix Coating does not wash away like a typical wax or sealant. This means that just one application will provide you with all the protection your vehicle needs.

Third-Party Tested and Accredited

Designed to be the finest Ceramic Coating on the market, Ceramic Matrix has been certified to perform even through some of the most rigorous testing in the world. Independently tested and certified by the globally recognized SGS Swiss Laboratories for chemical resistance, hydrophobic contact angles and 9H Hardness (ASTM D3363 Film Hardness).

Approved by Boeing™  for passing its rigorous testing for corrosion, embrittlement and paint softening resistance, certifying it for use in the Aerospace industry.

In house ASTM standardized testing (including but not limited to): QUV (accelerated weather testing) and Elcometer abrasion testing all place Ceramic Matrix at the top of its class.


Ceramic Matrix has been put through extensive testing to validate its ongoing performance. We are proud to say that it is one of the longest-lasting ceramic coating and the most (if not the most) tested coating on the market.

Both real-world and accelerated weather testing was conducted to show Ceramic Matrix to offer at least 3 years of ongoing performance per application on a daily driven vehicle.

Graphene Matrix represents our latest evolution in graphene coating technology and is our most premium coating option currently available. We were able to develop Graphene Matrix into a reality thanks to the extensive R&D testing and formulations that went underway during our development of our pioneering Ceramic Coating Ceramic Matrix 9H. Ceramic Matrix offers incredible performance in an easy to use formula that is entirely comprised of sio2 nano-particles. It is our best Ceramic Based protective coating offering up to 3+ years of performance per application while being offered at an unbeatable price for its performance. Ounce per ounce, Ceramic Matrix offers the best value of any ceramic coating in the world.

Yes! Ceramic Matrix was third-party certified to be “9H” by the prestigious SGS Swiss laboratories. This is not an easy feat and something we are proud to offer with our Ceramic Matrix coating.

Once Ceramic Matrix cures it hardens to form a tough barrier on top of your vehicles finish. This barrier will repel dust, dirt and contaminants while protecting from UV rays, water spotting, bird droppings and much more. This repellant layer will reject waxes and other products that arent designed to be used in conjunction with a ceramic based coating. For maintenance of Ceramic Matrix, we recommend using our Ceramic Refresh and Ceramic Shampoo products.

Thanks to the incredible hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Matrix, maintenance and cleaning is extremely easy! We specially designed our products to work together with similar chemistries so that there was no guesswork involved. For optimal performance, we recommend hand washing with our Ceramic Shampoo and topping with Defy or Ceramic Refresh.