1 - 100ml Bottle
Boats & Coats - Graphene Coating
Boats & Coats - Graphene Coating
Boats & Coats - Graphene Coating
Boats & Coats - Graphene Coating
Boats & Coats - Graphene Coating
Boats & Coats - Graphene Coating
Boats & Coats - Graphene Coating
1 - 100ml Bottle and Prep Kit

Boats & Coats - Graphene Coating

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  • Specially Formulated for Marine Environments : Tailored to withstand harsh marine conditions, providing multi-year protection against UV rays, salt, water spots, and other contaminants.
  • High Solids Concentration : Enhanced bonding to gel coat and fiberglass surfaces for long-lasting durability.
  • Easy One-Layer Application : Designed for quick and straightforward application, offering convenience and efficiency.
  • Glossy Hydrophobic Properties : Ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, thanks to its water-repellent and non-stick surface.
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Protective Graphene Coating For Boats

  • Specially tailored for Marine Environments
  • High solids concentration for gel coat or fiberglass applications
  • The multi-year coating protects against UV rays, salt, and freshwater
  • One layer application for quick & easy installation

Maintenance is an extremely important part of watercraft ownership and let’s face it, your boat deserves the finest level of protection you can get. There is no better way to ensure long-term protection from harsh marine environments than with Boats & Coats - Marine Ceramic Coating.

Specially designed for marine applications, when applied Boats & Coats will bond to gel coat, fiberglass, or metal surfaces encapsulating them in a glossy layer of Graphene oxide. Once cured, this protective coating provides durable UV resistance and protection from salt water, water spots, stains, etching, and oxidation which are often troublesome on watercraft. In addition, due to the non-stick, hydrophobic aspects of this coating when you are rinsing down and washing your watercraft will never be easier!

We formulated Boats & Coats with a higher activity of coating solids to provide you with the best bond possible to porous gel coat finishes. In addition, this higher solids content means you will get multi-year protection with just one layer application.


Boats and Coats - Ceramic Coating for Boats is a great solution to provide long term protection for your boat or watercraft. Boats & Coats protects against the harsh Marine environment shielding your finishes from UV rays, water spots, salt, scum and other contaminants.

In addition, its glossy hydrophobic properties make rinsing and cleaning your watercraft extremely easy.

Many Ceramic Coatings for Boats are nothing more than re-labeled automotive coatings. Thus they arent up for the task that Marine environments through at them.

Boats & Coats with specifically formulated for harsher marine conditions and will last 2+ years with just a one layer application.

Ceramic coatings are inorganic protective coatings that provide long lasting protection. Unlike waxes, Ceramic Coatings do not break down from sunlight or washing and provide signficantly longer durability.