CeramicNew Formula!
1 - Gallon
Ceramic Refresh V2.0 - 1 Gallon
Ceramic Refresh V2.0 - 1 Gallon
Ceramic Refresh V2.0 - 1 Gallon
Ceramic Refresh V2.0 - 1 Gallon

Ceramic Refresh V2.0 - 1 Gallon

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  • Repels Dirt, Grime, and Water : Robust ceramic formula rejects contaminants, keeping your surfaces cleaner for longer.
  • Refreshes Ceramic Coatings : Enhances & rejuvenates coatings with hydrophobic SiO2 chemicals.
  • Effortless Results with Insta-Bond : Simple spray on and wipe off application
  • 6+ Months of Protection : Effortless coating topper and durable deramic spray sealant in one formula.
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Our Latest & Greatest Ceramic Spray Sealant

Ceramic Refresh V2.0 is the ultimate ceramic spray sealant and coating topper. This new and improved formula provides instant gloss, slickness, and protection in a simple spray and wipe formula. Its robust blend of ceramic (Sio2) ingredients provides up to 6+ months of hydrophobic protection. Refresh also doubles as a ceramic coating maintenance spray, designed to bond with and rejuvenate any form of ceramic wax, ceramic sealant, or ceramic coating. Use it on glass, plastics, paint, and more for ultra-slick and glossy results!


A ceramic spray sealant is a liquid product formulated with ceramic properties to provide a protective layer on various surfaces. It offers resistance to water, dirt, UV rays, and minor scratches, enhancing the surface's durability and appearance.

Ceramic Refresh V2.0 is our latest and most advanced ceramic coating solution designed to protect and enhance the appearance of various surfaces and rejuvenate ceramic coatings. It offers a longer-lasting shield against environmental damage and an enhanced shine.

Ceramic Refresh V2.0 boasts improved formula stability, better longevity, and a faster application process compared to our previous version.

Yes, our formula offers superior protection against harmful UV rays, preventing sun damage and oxidation on your surfaces.

First, clean the surface thoroughly, ensuring it's free from dirt, dust, or contaminants. Then, spray the sealant evenly, working one section at a time. Buff with a microfiber towel to a shine.