We Believe Car Care Can Be Better

As professional detailers, we searched high and low for products we could trust to provide the best results on our customers vehicles. We were extremely disappointed to find that many of these products simply did not live up to their claims and thought, "There had to be a better way!"

Through countless trials and errors we started tinkering with products and formulations. We'd experiment to find what worked and what didn't, until we made products that made our customers so happy that they wanted to know our "secret" to how we made their cars look so good.

As they say, the rest is history!

Ethos was founded with the simple goal of making professional results quicker and easier than ever before. Our products are better because we know what works through decades of experience detailing in the real world. We take this hard-earned experience and combine it with state of the art chemistry to make products that produce results you truly must see to believe.


After years of detailing cars we started to realize that most car care products simply don't do as they claim. We thought, “There has to be a better way!”

We began to tinker with making products ourselves that we would test out on all our detailing customers cars. We quickly realized what worked and what didn't and realized that car care didn't have to be so obscure or complex. Thousands of car details later and countless formulations later, Ethos Car Care was born.

Our story began with a simple thought and curious passion. Many years later we are proud to introduce our products (blood, sweat and tears) to the world.

-Tim Coats

Product Development @ Ethos

Founder of Adonis Detail

Why Choose Ethos Car Care?


Every formulation is perfected using the latest technology available to provide better results in less time than before.


To maintain the highest quality possible. ALL of our products are proudly blended, sourced and packaged right here in the USA.


We've taken our decades of detailing experience to make the best products on the market.


Our products will out shine anyproduct you have used.

To stay in business as professional detailers, we had to produce results that blew our customers away and we had to find ways to do it quicker.

Over time we learned there were "secrets", only the PROS knew that would produce incredible results in less time. We took these secrets and made professional grade products that anyone could use.

Car care should be simple and easy, this is why we guarantee our products will blow you away, or we'll give your money back!