Ethos Wheel Cleaner Plus: A Deep Dive and Review

Ethos Wheel Cleaner Plus: A Deep Dive and Review

Welcome to another insightful review by Martin at Bell Lavaro Auto Spa. In this blog post, we'll explore Ethos Car Care's latest innovation, the Wheel Cleaner Plus, alongside a comparison with other Ethos products designed for wheel and tire care. Our goal is to provide a thorough analysis of its effectiveness, especially its pH neutrality and proprietary formula aimed at eliminating the unpleasant odor typically associated with iron removers.

Ethos Wheel Cleaner Plus: Breaking Down the Formula

Ethos Wheel Cleaner Plus is a standout product in the realm of wheel cleaners for several reasons. Firstly, it boasts a pH-neutral formulation, making it gentle on all types of wheels while effectively removing iron particles. This is a significant improvement over traditional cleaners, which can be harsh and emit a strong, unpleasant sulfur-like smell. Ethos has introduced a proprietary ingredient in the Wheel Cleaner Plus to tackle this issue, ensuring the cleaner is effective without the foul odor.

Performance Test: Ethos Wheel Cleaner Plus in Action

To put the Wheel Cleaner Plus to the test, we chose a vehicle that hadn't seen a proper wheel cleaning in over a month, subjected to rain and accumulating filth. Our testing process was straightforward: apply the cleaner, let it dwell, and observe its effectiveness in lifting dirt and iron particles without prior rinsing.


  • Application and Scent: The Wheel Cleaner Plus is easy to apply and lacks the notorious smell associated with iron removers, making the cleaning process more pleasant.
  • pH Testing: Confirming its neutrality, the Wheel Cleaner Plus showed a pH level close to 7, affirming its safety on various wheel finishes.
  • Cleaning Efficacy: Without agitation, the wheels showed a noticeable improvement in cleanliness. However, for optimal results, especially on heavily soiled wheels, manual agitation with a brush enhances its effectiveness.

Comparative Analysis: Wheel Cleaner Plus vs. Other Ethos Products

In addition to the Wheel Cleaner Plus, we also examined Ethos's Total Wheel and Tire Cleaner and Super APC. The Total Wheel and Tire Cleaner, more alkaline than the Wheel Cleaner Plus, is designed for both wheels and tires, offering a balanced pH suitable for all wheel types. On the other hand, the Super APC, characterized by its higher alkalinity, excels in tire cleaning due to its deliming properties, effectively removing tire browning and buildup.

Final Verdict: Is Ethos Wheel Cleaner Plus Worth It?

The Wheel Cleaner Plus stands out for its effective cleaning power, pH-neutral formulation, and absence of unpleasant odors typically associated with iron removers. It excels in cleaning wheels, and while it may not exhibit the dramatic color change (from clear to purple) indicating iron particle removal, its cleaning capabilities are not diminished. For those concerned about the environmental impact and the sensory experience of cleaning their wheels, Ethos Wheel Cleaner Plus presents a compelling option.

Bonus Tip: Enhancing Wheel Protection with Ethos Finish Shine

An unexpected discovery during our testing was the effectiveness of Ethos Finish Shine as a spray-on, rinse-off wheel sealant. This off-label use provided excellent water beading and added protection, making it easier to clean the wheels in the future.


Ethos Car Care continues to innovate in the automotive care industry, with the Wheel Cleaner Plus leading the charge in gentle yet effective wheel cleaning solutions. Coupled with the Super APC for tire care and the surprise utility of Finish Shine as a wheel sealant, Ethos offers a comprehensive wheel and tire care lineup that caters to the needs of discerning car enthusiasts.

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