1 - 30ML Bottle
MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection
MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection
MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection
MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection
MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection
MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection
MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection
1 - 50ML Bottle
1 - 30ML Bottle & Prep Kit
1 - 50ML Bottle & Prep Kit

MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection

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  • Toughest Coating on The Market : Engineered with cutting-edge technology to be the most robust protective coating available.
  • 90% Active Coating Resin : High concentration of active resin ensures a dense, durable layer for exceptional gloss and protection.
  • Long Lasting Protection (7+ Years) : Advanced formulation provides unparalleled longevity, maintaining your vehicle's pristine condition.
  • Water Contact Angle Over 118° : Exceptionally hydrophobic surface drastically reduces water adherence, enhancing drying and reducing spot formation.
  • Chemical and Scratch Resistance : Offers superior resistance against environmental pollutants, chemicals, and light scratches, safeguarding the vehicle's exterior.
Selection: 1 - 30ML Bottle
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Graphene Coating Protection On Steroids

Graphene MAX packs a knockout punch of ingredients making it an extremely high-performing coating, designed for those looking for maximum protection  for heavy-duty, industrial, or high-wear applications. MAX features our highest resin load level available to consumers, in addition to a cocktail of robust additives. This means you can expect industry-leading durability, gloss, and longevity in a DIY coating. With one application, you can expect up to 7+ years of durability when applied and maintained correctly.

In addition, MAX was specifically tailored for application on more demanding projects such as daily driven vehicles, wheel surfaces, or even industrial/commercial applications. It is NOT a replacement for our Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0 which offers the best combination of usability and durability available. MAX requires more experience and will be considerably more advanced to install.

Take your protection to the MAX with our ALL NEW, industry-leading Graphene Coating.

Warning: MAX Graphene Coating is intended for advanced applications only. It is a high-strength, ultra-thick coating for maximum durability.


  • Highest Resin Activity Available to the Public (225% more than Graphene V2.0)

  • Longer Lasting Protection (7+ Years)

  • Designed for daily drivers & higher wear applications

  • Additional additives for increased performance

  • High resistance to scratching during the wash process

  • High resistance to water spots and etching 

  • Extreme gloss and contact angle for a DIY coating (118*)

  • Enhances paint, glass, plastics, wheels, and more


    At first glance it may appear that MAX is simply a better version of Graphene Matrix V2.0, but that is simply not the case.

    Graphene MAX has durability and longevity as its ultimate goal being designed as an application for harsher conditions.

    V2.0 is the perfect combination of performance and workability. Graphene MAX contains a higher activity of industrial grade resins that may make it both stickier and harder to apply.

    We recommend using MAX if you have previous coating experience or are looking for a coating that sacrifices on application but maxes out performance.

    Most ceramic coatings on the market are comprised of Sio2 (Silicone Dioxide) which is commonly referred to as Silica, also known as sand or glass. Graphene was discovered in 2004 and won a nobel prize in 2010 due to its incredible attributes which have shown to be 100X stronger than steel while remaining flexible and not breaking.

    Graphene Matrix utilizes this innovative technology to make a formula that takes ceramic coatings to the next level. Making them easier to apply while providing additional benefits and results.

    Graphene Coatings are an evolution on the tried and true Ceramic Coating and are applied in a very similar manner while reducing some of the risks and potential downsides.

    Ethos Graphene Coatings provide a protective coating to your vehicle shielding it from UV rays, oxidation and other environmental contaminants.

    Due to its incredibly strong Graphene structure, Graphene Coatings have been show to provide a very durable protective layer for any car, truck or boat.

    Graphene MAX is an ultra durable, high performing graphene coating that can be applied to a wide range of applications.

    Because of its extremely high functionality, we do recommend following directions very carefully during installation.

    To read our full break down of installation on Graphene MAX please check out our How-To: How To Install Graphene MAX

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    Jesus D.

    I still waiting for the product.

    Don´t know if I don´t have it.

    Nicole S.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Easy product to use with great results!!

    Larry S.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Max Graphene - easier than they say

    Some of the information I saw and reviews had indicated that this might be a little bit more of a difficult product to apply. But the key part of the instructions that made it easier was when they tell you to use little or no pressure on your two residue removal wipes. That is really the key. The instructions are correct when they say that your first towel will take off 80% of the solvent residue with no pressure, and the second towel will take off the rest. That really does make the product easy to apply, and remove, in my opinion, even for complete beginners.

    Ethos Car Care MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection Review
    Rodney H.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Max is awesome easy to use product

    Shop owner and we live MAX as a first coat or for the RV, off road vehicles.. after a good proper prep, application is easy if you follow the proper installation steps

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Great product

    Very easy for first time applying ceramic coat. Has a good shine.

    Ethos Car Care MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection ReviewEthos Car Care MAX Graphene Coating - Heavy Duty Protection Review