Foam Cannon
Foam Cannon - For Pressure Washer
Foam Cannon & Foam Cannon Soap

Foam Cannon - For Pressure Washer

Make shaving cream thick snow foam with any gas or electric power washer!
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Foam Cannon

The Ethos Premium Foam Cannon produces thick, shaving cream-like snow foam out of any electric or gas-powered pressure washer. With its built-in ¼” quick disconnect you can get up and running in seconds! The adjustable spray nozzle and foam dilution knob allow you to dial in the perfect foam and spray pattern that suits your application. The Ethos Premium Foam Cannon is guaranteed to enhance any car washing regimen.

  1. Compatible with Electric or Gas Pressure Washers - Operates in a wide range of performances between 870-3100PSI/ 1.3-5.3GPM
  2. Fully Adjustable Nozzle - Adjustable Spray Pattern with up to 360 degrees of adjustment
  3. Easy-Adjust Foam Knob - Dial in the perfect concentration of foam for your application.
  4. Quick Release Connector - Connect your Premium Foam Cannon in seconds with the adjustable 1/4" Quick Disconnect Adapter.
  5. Durable Threaded Reservoir - Sturdy 35-ounce canister with wide mouth opening for easy filling of your soap/water mixture.