5 Reasons Why You Need a Foam Cannon Soap

The Foam Cannon is one of the best ways you can wash your car. In this article we discuss 5 different reasons you should be using a high quality foam cannon soap.

Foam Party - Cannon Soap

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Arguably the best way to wash your car is with car soap and a car wash mitt. Car owners all over the world have been using this tried and true method for decades. But there is a much better way to wash your vehicle! In this article we will share the 5 main reasons why you should be incorporating a Foam Cannon and Foaming Car Soap into your car wash routine.


Yes, car washing can be accomplished the old fashioned way with a wash bucket, some soap and water by dunking the wash mitt and scrubbing away one section of your vehicle at a time. This will get your car relatively clean but there are far more effective, efficient and frankly more enjoyable ways to get the job done.

A foam cannon and foam cannon soap will greatly improve your wash process in the following ways:

1. Cleans Better


The goal of washing your car is obviously, to clean the dust, dirt, grime, and other contaminants that have accumulated from driving. Water alone does not tackle this job well as anyone who has driven in a rain storm can attest it does not leave your vehicle sparkling clean like you may desire. A soap is needed that can gently and effectively remove contaminants from the surface without A) scratching the paint and B) leaving any unsightly streaking, haze or residue.

Foam Cannon Soap

This is where our Ethos Foam Party Soap can help you! Formulated specifically for the car wash process, it has specialty foaming cleaners which dwell on the surface to pull and remove contaminants with ease. This high foaming formula is designed to pair with any foam cannon or foam gun to cover your vehicle in a thick layer of foam soap to enhance your car wash process.

Our Foam Party Soap cleans better than your traditional bucket wash alone.

2. Lubricates to Prevent Scratching


That dust and dirt that has accumulated across your vehicle surface can scratch and abrade your delicate paint finish. To ensure you are not damaging your paint when you wash your vehicle, its extremely advantageous to safely remove as much of these contaminants a possible before taking your car wash mitt to the surface.
Foam Party used as a pre wash cleaner safely lifts loose debris and contaminants from the surface, greatly reducing the chance of scratching. It contains special lubricants that help reduce friction during the hand washing process to further prevent marring and abrasion.

3. Speeds Up Car Wash Process


Foam, rinse, done. Long gone are the days of scrubbing away one section at a time. With a dedicated Foam Cannon soap your car wash process is both quicker and more effective. The specially designed cleaners work to loosen and remove contaminants before you wash, so there is both less time and effort needed to clean your vehicle than before.

4. Helps Prevent Water Spotting


We've all been there, you are out washing your car in your driveway only to find that the sun is drying up your soap faster than you can get to it. This leaves pesky and unsightly water spots and residue all over your vehicle and can totally ruin your best car cleaning intentions.

Foam Cannon Soap used in a Foam Gun or Foam Cannon blankets your vehicle in a thick layer of soap giving you much more time to hand wash before it dries. Foam Party in particular is designed with humectants, which is a fancy word that means it stays soapy and foamy longer.

5. Its A Blast!

Car washing shouldn't have to feel like a chore. When using the right products and tools it can turn into an extremely relaxing and gratifying experience. Nothing beats strapping on a bottle of Foam Party to your hose or pressure washer and going to town laying down shaving cream thick foam on your vehicle. Get your kids involved or make your neighbors jealous by your professional car washing experience. It's sure to turn heads and make for an extremely fun and productive time.

At Ethos Car Care, we take pride in our products.

Knowing how to detail your car is crucial to being a motorist. To see our full list of car detailing products, try out at our online shop.

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    Love my foam cannon soap! Works so well.

    Love my foam cannon soap! Works so well.

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