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Interior Detailer - 1 Gallon

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Clean, Neutralize and Protect All Interior Finishes

Ethos Interior Detailer lightly cleans and protects interior finishes in one easy step. This non-greasy, streak free formula provides UV-Protection and helps neutralize unwanted odors. There is no better or easier way to maintain a clean, crisp interior!

Brings Interiors Back to Life

Magical spray detailer that cleans, protects and neutralizes interior surfaces. An All in one spray and wipe cleaner and protectant that creates a non greasy, “Like New” finish to dashboards, leather, vinyl, plastics and all interior surfaces. Odor neutralizers remove smells and leave behind a clean, crisp finish.

Refreshing Scent and Odor Removal

The fresh, coconut scent will leave you wanting to sit and enjoy your interior. Anti-static technologies help prevent dust from clinging to your interior the second you’re done wiping it! Your search for a clean, like new interior is over!

Non-Greasy Finish

Unlike most interior detailers, this will give any surface inside of your vehicle a new, non-greasy, no streak finish.


Ethos Interior Detailer Spray is engineered with a cutting-edge formula that cleans and protects car interiors more effectively than traditional cleaners. Unlike standard solutions, it offers a unique blend of cleaning power and UV protection, ensuring surfaces like leather, vinyl, and plastics are not only spotless but also shielded from the sun's harmful rays. This makes it an all-in-one solution for maintaining your vehicle's interior.

Yes, Ethos Interior Detailer Spray is versatile and safe for use on a wide array of interior surfaces, including leather, vinyl, plastics, and even delicate touch screens. Its gentle yet effective formulation ensures that every part of your car's interior can be cleaned without the risk of damage, leaving behind a fresh, OEM finish.

Ethos Interior Detailer Spray stands out for its ability to not only clean but also condition and protect interior surfaces. It features anti-static properties that repel dust and UV inhibitors to prevent fading, cracking, and aging, offering a comprehensive care approach that extends beyond mere cleaning. Additionally, its silicone-free formula ensures a natural, non-greasy finish.

An Interior Detailer is a specialized product designed for the cleaning and conditioning of various surfaces inside a vehicle. Interior Detailer serves this exact purpose, offering a solution that cleans, protects, and conditions materials such as leather, vinyl, plastics, fabrics, and carpets, ensuring your vehicle’s interior is not only clean but also maintained and protected.