Grit Guard
1 - 3.5 Gallon Bucket w/ Grit Guard
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Grit Guard

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Scratch Free Car Washing With The Grit Guard Insert

Proper car washing is crucial to ensuring your vehicle looks its absolute best. Utilizing the Two-Bucket Car Wash method with Grit Guards is the best way to hand wash, HANDS DOWN.

When cleaning, all of the contaminants you are removing from your vehicle with a wash mitt, pad or sponge end up in your wash bucket. To prevent these contaminants from being re-introduced back onto your vehicle (Which can cause scratches and swirl marks), a Grit Guard is necessary.

How Does a Grit Guard Work?

The Grit Guard sits at the bottom of your bucket, allowing the contaminants and sediment removed from your vehicle to sink to the bottom underneath the guard. The grid on top allows entry of the contaminants onto the bottom of the bucket but prevents these contaminants from floating back up and into your wash mitt.