Foam Gun Vs. Foam Cannon: Which Is Right For You?

Foam Gun Vs. Foam Cannon: Which Is Right For You?

There are two tools you can use to foam your vehicle, a Foam Gun and Foam Cannon. But which is better? In this article we break down the differences between these car wash foam blasters.
The main difference between these two car detailing tools is how the water and soap is delivered onto the vehicles surface.

What Is a Foam Gun?


A Foam Gun is essentially a tool that attaches to a standard garden hose and has a unique spray nozzle that connects to a small handheld container. This is especially ideal for those who do not have a pressure washer or who would rather not buy one. You can pair a foam gun with the two-bucket wash method to get the most effective car wash.

How It Works

The Foam Gun, which has car wash soap inside, connects to the end of a standard garden hose. The water enters the Foam Gun via the hose, mixing the soap to produce a soapy foam. The foam is sprayed onto the car when the foam gun's trigger is pulled, totally covering it. This gives a deep and more extensive cleaning. It does, at the very least, make sure that soap gets all over the car, which helps keep the vehicle wet and not dry in the sun to avoid any water spots. After applying the foam and washing the vehicle, the Foam Gun often allows you to switch to pure water, effectively removing the foam container and sending water directly from the hose to the car. This makes it possible for you to clean the foam and dirt off the car properly and efficiently.

How To Operate

Step 1. Add foam soap to the container.

Step 2. Connect container to your Foam Gun.

Step 3. Connect container to your garden hose. Make sure the nozzle and sprayer are secure.

Step 4. Begin spraying your vehicle.

Step 5. Disconnect your Foam Gun and begin rinsing your vehicle.

What is a Foam Cannon?

The ever-so-popular and fun-to-use "Foam Cannon" is designed to work with pressure washers. One advantage is that a foam cannon may be sprayed more quickly, at a range of 1 to 5 gallons per minute. Additionally, the pressure makes the foam rich and thicker, which is good for complete coverage. When paired with our Ethos Foam Cannon Soap, you can get thick foam and more suds. Most car detailers prefer Foam Cannons over Foam Guns because they are higher quality, allow more foam to be sprayed on the surface more quickly, and can easily switch between power washer attachments. Some pressure washers have special connectors and are not universal to work with all Foam Cannons.

How does a Foam Cannon work?


A Foam Cannon uses an electric or gas pressure washer, but a Foam Gun uses a regular water hose, which is the only major difference between the two devices. The water stream produced by pressure washers is much stronger. Floors, walls, and a number of other surfaces may all be cleaned with them. They are often considered as being extremely strong when used alone and without any attachments to wash a car since they may chip the paint, damage the body, and expose the vehicle to rust and other damage. However, when used with a Foam Cannon, the water is first mixed with the soap using a personal preference to get the right soap to water ratio before being brought to the car so it does not spray just water at high pressure.

How To Operate

Step 1. Add foam soap to the container.

Step 2. Connect container to Foam Cannon

Step 3. Connect container to your gasoline/electric power washer. Make sure the nozzle and sprayer are secure.

Step 4. Begin Spraying your vehicle

Step 5. Disconnect your Foam Cannon and begin rinsing your vehicle.

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Learn More

Foam Gun vs Foam Cannon


  • They both have 2 Types: Adjustable vs. Non-adjustable barrel assemblies

  • Both Foam Gun and Foam Cannon work by mixing water, soap, and air to create a spray pattern into a thick layer of soapy suds on your vehicle.

  • Both car wash accessories can be equipped with an easy connect fitting.

  • They use the same kind of foam cannon soap.

  • Both are easy to use and operate.


  • A Foam Gun can be used by connecting to a regular water garden hose but Foam Cannon needs to be connected to a pressure washer.

  • Foam Cannon provides more suction power than foam guns do.

  • A Foam Cannon produces thick, sticky foam that covers a larger area than a foam gun and sticks to surfaces.

  • Compared to Foam Cannons, Foam Guns usually produce less foam, making them a better option for smaller cars. Foam Cannons, on the other hand, have a greater output and can quickly cover bigger surfaces such as RVs large trucks, or even boats.

  • Foam Guns are good to use for reaching tight spaces, unlike Foam Cannons which have a longer wand.

Which One Is Best? Which One Should I Choose?

For some of our customers, choosing between a foam gun and a foam cannon might be difficult, but it all depends on a few factors. Own a pressure washer, by chance? If not, and you have no plans to buy one in the future, the foam gun is the solution that will be the most useful for you. The Foam Cannon will work best and provide the greatest coverage while cleaning if you do have a pressure washer and don't mind taking a little bit more time to set it up. You can't go wrong with a Foam Cannon or a Foam Gun since either choice is better than none.


The more powerful foam cannon uses a pressure washer, while the foam gun uses your garden hose. Choosing which one to buy is based on two factors (1.) the volume of thicker foam you want and (2.) the equipment you already have. After being sprayed onto the vehicle, the foam starts to work by eliminating oil and dirt, which is eventually wiped off when the foam is sprayed with water. We highly recommend you try our high-quality Ethos Foam Cannon! Both a Foam Cannon and a Foam Gun bring detailing your car to a whole new level!

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Mike Latham

Mike Latham

First time I’ve thoroughly read and viewed your products. I’m convinced —I’m switching today!

First time I’ve thoroughly read and viewed your products. I’m convinced —I’m switching today!

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