CeramicNew Formula!
1- 16oz Bottle With Microfiber Cloth
Finish Shine Ceramic Detail Spray + Microfiber
Finish Shine Ceramic Detail Spray + Microfiber

Finish Shine Ceramic Detail Spray + Microfiber

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  • All-in-One Ceramic Infused Formula : Easy-to-use, versatile spray suitable for any surface, enhancing performance.
  • Versatile Use : Ideal as a dust remover, clay lube, gloss enhancer, or coating topper.
  • Streak-Free, Ultra Slick Protection : Delivers a spotless finish with ceramic infused slickness.
  • Advanced Hydrophobic Technology : Boosts wax, sealant, or ceramic coating effectiveness with added gloss.

Ceramic Spray, Detailer & Topper All in One Formula

We took our fan-favorite Detail Spray and bonded it with our innovative ceramic technology to create a product that was easier than ever to use with more performance than ever. Finish Shine Detail Spray is our most versatile spray detailer that can be used on any surface to achieve streak-free, ultra slick results. Use Finish Shine as a light dust remover between washes, as a clay lube, gloss enhancer or even as a coating topper. It pairs with any type of coating adding ceramic infused protection, slickness and gloss on contact.

Ceramic Detail Spray Features:

  • Versatile detailing spray & coating topper
  • Ultra Slick, Streak Free Stand Alone Protection
  • Hydrophobic Insta-Bond Technology
  • Enhances any form of wax, sealant or graphene ceramic coating


Ceramic Detail Spray is a high-performance, innovative car care product designed to provide a slick, streak-free finish. This versatile detailing spray, infused with advanced ceramic technology, is perfect for achieving a glossy look on any vehicle surface.

Utilizing hydrophobic Insta-Bond technology, Finish Shine - Ceramic Detail Spray enhances the protection and shine of your vehicle. Its unique formula ensures easy application, offering superior dust removal, gloss enhancement, and compatibility with various coatings

Ceramic Detail Spray offers multiple benefits, including its ultra slick, streak-free protection, versatility as a dust remover and gloss enhancer, and its ability to boost the effectiveness of waxes, sealants, or graphene ceramic coatings.

The Ethos Ceramic Detail Spray generally provides protection for several months, with its durability potentially lasting up to 12 months. The exact duration can vary depending on application methods and environmental conditions. Some users report high satisfaction with its long-lasting effects