1 - 16oz Bottle
Clarity - Ceramic Glass Cleaner
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Clarity - Ceramic Glass Cleaner

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Size: 1 - 16oz Bottle

Streak Free Glass + Ceramic Protection

  • Infused with ceramic protection (Sio2)
  • Optical grade cleaners for streak free clarity
  • Hydrophobic wet weather protection
  • Window tint safe & ammonia free
  • Adds hydrophobic protection to your glass as you clean

Clarity - Ceramic Glass Cleaner is infused with advanced optical grade cleaners and ceramic (sio2) ingredients to clean and protect glass in one simple step. This unique formula leaves behind crystal clear glass and a layer of hydrophobic protection to provide enhanced visibility during wet weather driving and protection against water spots, snow, ice, sleet or other contaminants. Guaranteed to be streak free, window tint safe and ammonia free. Clarity works great on all automotive, home or office windows!

What is the best glass cleaner for car windows?

Ethos Clarity will be hands down the best auto window glass cleaner you have ever used. We recommend using our other products to get the full Ethos detailing experience.