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  • Ceramic Wax Pro Coated Surfaces are Extremely Slick and Shiny - Making them Easier to Maintain & Stay Cleaner Longer!
  • Ceramic Shampoo Rejuvenates Ceramic Coatings - Safely cleans and conditions any form of ceramic coating, wax or sealant.

  • Ceramic Shampoo Creates Slick, Sudsy Foam - Lubricates surface to lift off contaminants without scratching.

  • Defy Cleans and Coats any Surface - Enhances and protects paint, plastic, trim, glass, wheels, chrome, vinyl and more!

Keep your Car Cleaner Longer
Ceramic Wax Pro coated surfaces are extremely slick and shiny which keeps contaminants from sticking to your car!
One Product Solution for Protection
Eliminates the need for waxes, polishes, or sealants and works on all exterior surfaces which saves you time and money.
Easy Application, No Water or Tools Required
We made Ceramic Wax Pro specifically so anyone can use it, no specialty tools or knowledge required. Just wipe on and wipe off!
20x Stronger than Standard Sealants
Our wax-resin formula allows us to infuse Ceramic Wax Pro with Teflon, which is used to by Nasa to protect the space shuttle!

Ceramic Wax Pro

A wax style paint sealant that creates unbelievable gloss and slickness all while making your car extremely easy to clean. We packed this thick Ceramic Resin formula with potent ingredients which harden to form a layer of protection on your vehicles paint surface. This non-stick coating protects your vehicle from the elements, oxidation and harmful UV rays while easily shedding water, snow and debris. Unlike normal waxes or sealants, Ceramic Wax PRO lasts a year or more per application, finally making long term protection easy and fun to achieve.

Less Washing, Less Worrying

Ceramic Wax Pro protects your car in an ultra slick Teflon infused ceramic resin wax that causes contaminants and even water to slide right off. This ultra slick and shiny layer repels bird droppings, dirt, tree sap, road debris, water spots and even light abrasion. You should still wash your car but with Ceramic Wax Pro you won't need to stress over small amounts of debris on your paint!

Save Time and Money

Ceramic Wax Pro eliminates the need for sealants, waxes, and polishes by giving your car everything it needs to be protected all in one bottle! Not only does it remove the need for multiple products but it can be applied to your paint, chrome, trim, wheels and headlights. Once applied it stays applied in our lab tests Ceramic Wax Pro protected our test car for up to 18 months, which means less time applying and more time enjoying your slick ride.

Teflon Infused Protection

By utilizing a Ceramic Wax resin as the base compound we were able to infuse Ceramic Wax Pro with Teflon, a feature not available in Ceramic sprays. Teflon is the world's slickest material according to the Guinness Book of World Records, and is the only material a Gecko's foot can't stick to. What this translates to is an ultra slick layer that repels contaminants and water at a highly advanced level. Teflon is so advanced that NASA relies on it heavily to protect their space suits and shuttles!

A Little Goes A Long Way

We believe anyone should be able to get showroom quality shine and protection of a Ceramic Coating without the professional application cost. In this spirit we made a Ceramic Wax that can be applied by anyone with no special knowledge or tools required. Just wipe on Ceramic Wax Pro in a smooth thin even layer panel by panel. When you see the layer turn slightly hazy it's done curing just wipe clean and enjoy your beautifully slick and shiny surface!

Ceramic Shampoo

Designed with simplicity in mind and packed with the highest grade ceramic resins that add protection seamlessly during your car wash process. This formula also deep cleans and conditions ceramic coatings, while “Leveling” any low spots to provide additional protection, shine, and performance with each use. Ceramic Shampoo forever re-invents the car washing experience.

Ceramic Protection With Every Wash
Infused with ceramic resins to add protection and hydrophobic beading with each wash.
High Gloss Mirror Finish
Adds dripping wet gloss while effortlessly cleaning away dirt and grime.
Rejuvenates Ceramic Coatings
Safely cleans and conditions any form of ceramic coating, wax or sealant - Fills in low spots and repairs the surface of your coating with Si02.
Slick, Sudsy High Foam Formula
Lubricates to easily clean by lifting contaminants from surface while reducing risk of scratching with a layer of foam.

Ceramic Protection with Every Wash

Add protection with every wash and watch as your vehicle becomes fully sealed and protected, shedding water, dirt and contaminants with ease. Safe for use on Ceramic Coatings to “Boost” protection or to add hydrophobic protection easily to any finish.

High Gloss Mirror Finish

Advanced cleaners and lubricants gently remove stubborn grime to prevent scratching and swirl marks that can dull and oxidize your paint. Water activated emulsification agents cure and harden to create stunning mirror shine reflections that enhance color and prevent fading.

Rejuvenates Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Shampoo bonds and fills imperfections and low spots to rejuvenate Ceramic Coatings with each use. Ph balanced cleansers won't stain, spot or leave any unsightly residue behind. Ceramic Resins boost hydrophobic effect, shine and protection of any brand of Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Spray or Ceramic Wax.

Slick, Sudsy Foam

Ultra concentrated Cucumber Melon formula provides a quicker and more enjoyable cleaning process than ever before. Added slip agents reduce scratching while easily wiping away bugs, dirt and grime without the elbow grease. Add directly into your car wash bucket or foam gun/cannon to enjoy a luxurious car washing experience.


Our formulation team developed the ONLY DIY, at-home detailing product that uses ceramic waterless cleaning technology and cleaning agents to gently, safely and effectively cut through dirt, grease and grime on-contact – leaving you with a clean, sealed and protected surface each and every time.

Fast and Easy Application
Easy one-step hand application gives you instant results you can see! Replaces all the trouble of car washing.
Advanced 3-in-1 Formula
Cleans, Conditions and Coats any finish, in seconds.
Protects and Shines with Insta-Bond™ Technology
Instantly leaves behind a slick, non-stick finish that repels Water, Dirt, Dust, Grime and other Contaminants.
Clean and Coat any Surface
Enhance and protect your paint, plastic, trim, glass, wheels, chrome, vinyl and more.

It's Never Been Easier To Have The Best Looking Car On Your Block!

Finally, one product can be used to clean, condition and coat any surface with lasting results easier than ever before. Defy produces a slick, non-stick finish with impressive shine and protection. Our proprietary formula pairs our renowned ceramic resins with our all new Insta-Bond Technology, producing stunning mirror-like reflections and ultra-durable protection in one simple step.

3-in-1 Formula Saves Time and Money

  • Clean: Cleans Dirt, Dust, Grease, Grime and other Contaminants without scratching or streaking.

  • Condition: Fills micro-pores and polishes imperfections to seal the surface creating smooth as silk coating.

  • Coat: Bonds to form a Non-Stick, Hydrophobic Layer that beads and repels contaminants creating an easy release surface that replenishes with each use.

Insta-Bond™ Contact Formula

Insta-Bond™ is our proprietary coating technology that instantly produces gloss, slickness, water beading and durability upon contact. You can see this effect at work with each spray of our product. Upon contact with the surface the product immediately disperses and cures. It cures so quickly that even excess product residue beads up and begins to reject itself!

Clean and Coat any Surface

Defy's Multi Purpose formula cleans without scratching or smearing, seals and conditions micro-scratches and imparts a protective coating on any surface it touches. This product was engineered to Defy the normal way of cleaning your vehicle! Long gone are the days of spending hours bending over your car, scrubbing, polishing and waxing away.


How long does this coating last?

Ceramic Wax PRO is packed with the best ceramic resins which have been tested and proven to last 12+ months when properly maintained. Proper maintenance consists of routine cleaning and rejuvenation with Ceramic Refresh or washing with our Ceramic Shampoo.

Can Ceramic Wax Pro be used on Boats/ Rvs/ Planes/ Trains/ Tanks/ etc?

Yes, if you can drive it, fly it or sail it, Ceramic Wax PRO can protect it! In fact, NASA, BOEING and Lockheed Martin all use our Ceramic Resins to withstand the harsh conditions in the Aerospace industry. Ceramic Resins protect against premature aging, weather and Oxidation and due to the slick, non-stick finish are used on planes to help prevent dangerous Ice accumulation. Thus, Ceramic Wax PRO is a great option to create a water repellant windshield to help with visibility during wet weather conditions.

What is the best Ceramic Wax?

Most Ceramic Waxes on the market contain very little if any Ceramic Resins. They dont live up to their claims! Ethos Ceramic Wax PRO is packed with over 14 different types of Resin, including the patented Teflon ® Resin, which due to its non-stick properties is known as the slickest material on earth. In addition, Ethos Ceramic Wax PRO was completely reformulated based upon the feedback we received from our customers that want a product that is easier and more durable than ever before. Not only is this the best car wax you will ever use but it is also the easiest wax you will ever use!

How is Ceramic Wax Pro different than regular car wax?

Regular wax contains organic materials and oils that break down and oxidize on your paint finish. Ceramic Wax PRO contains high quality ceramic resins that will not oxidize, discolor or wash away. This means that just ONE application lasts month after month with a shine that does not fade.

Does Ceramic Wax Pro remove scratches?

Yes, due to its unique ceramic chemistry. Ceramic Wax PRO bonds and fill micro-scratches and imperfections on the paint surface. This results in a silky smooth surface that emits an extremely high gloss effect. In addition, Ceramic Wax PRO is a great option for customers whom may have oxidized or faded clear coat that cannot be polished, as the coating layer adds a protective shield on top of the paint.

Does this work on “matte” or “satin” paint?

Ceramic Wax PRO was not designed to be used on satin or matte finishes. But it can be applied to any glossy finish including paint, plastics, glass, chrome, wheels, headlights and taillights.

What type of prep work is required?

You can apply directly to any surface after cleaning. For best results we recommend clay barring and polishing the surface to achieve optimal shine and bond.

What is the best way to apply?

Apply by hand with a foam or microfiber applicator, or with a Dual Action polisher. Its best to apply one section at a time until the vehicle is fully covered, then wipe away the residue.

How much Ceramic Wax do I need to use for my car?

One bottle will coat 2 average sized vehicles or one large pickup truck. We recommend two coats for optimal shine, slickness and durability.

What is the cure time?

Since this is a synthetic sealant, there is a cure time to achieve optimal results. Cure time does vary based upon temperature and humidity but on average you can expect the product to be fully cured and hardened within 48 hours.

Can I apply on top of other products/sealants? Or do I need to strip every product off?

Yes, you can apply this on top of other products or sealants without issue. BUT, we do recommend that any old waxes or sealants are removed prior to application to achieve FULL results with Ceramic Wax PRO. Similar to applying new paint on top of old, Ceramic Wax needs a clean and bare surface to bond and cure to, oil, wax or sealant residue can get in the way and prevent full bonding of the surface.

Can this be used on top of other ceramic coatings?

Yes this can be used on top of ANY BRAND of ceramic coating. In fact, many professional detailers will use Ceramic Wax PRO as a yearly or bi-yearly maintenance of their ceramic coatings because of its ability to fill in micro-scratches and imperfections that might accumulate in the coating overtime.

Is this a wax? Do I still need to use wax?

Ceramic Wax PRO really is the wax of the future! One application takes less time and effort than any wax before it and one application lasts month after month. Once applied there is no need to routinely wax your car as Ceramic Wax PRO will protect the surface for months!

Is Ceramic Wax PRO safe to use? Is it non-toxic? Is it eco-friendly?

Yes, Ceramic Wax PRO is completely safe to use and 100% non toxic. In addition, apply Ceramic Wax PRO onto your vehicle helps save water as washing takes less time, and there is less car washing needed when applied. All our packaging is 100% recyclable, when you are finished with your bottle simply recycle it so it can be reused into other consumable products.

Whats the difference between Defy and a regular Wax?

Comparing Defy to wax is like comparing an iPhone to a pager. Defy is the leading 3-in-1 waterless cleaner, sealer and protectant in the industry due to its advanced, lab tested formula. Defy cleans, conditions and coats any surface on contact.

Can DEFY be used on top of Ceramic Wax PRO?

Yes! In fact we recommend maintaining our Ceramic Wax PRO with Defy to increase the shine, slickness and water beading performance. We created Defy to work synergistically with Ceramic Wax PRO to rejuvenate its ceramic layer with each application while cleaning and conditioning its surface to remove dirt, dust and grime.

Can I use Defy to clean my car instead of using car soap?

Yes! Defy replaces the need to use traditional car soap or hand washing! Defy cleans without scratching or streaking while leaving behind an ultra-slick layer of ceramic protection that beads water and repels contaminants. This means that each subsequent cleaning is even easier than before!

How is Ethos DEFY different from the other popular detailing brands?

Many of our competitors cut corners and dilute their products in order to spend more money on clever advertising and marketing. Ethos DEFY represents the pinnacle of detailing technology and produces true ceramic protection and shine for any surface. Not only is Defy packed with the highest concentration of ceramic ingredients, but we went to great lengths to completely engineer an entirely new technology we are calling Insta-Bond™.

What is Insta-Bond™ Technology?

Insta-Bond™ is our breakthrough, proprietary technology of nano-polymers that immediately disperses and cures onto the surface. This effect results in immediate shine and protection with even less effort than before.

How do I clean the car once Defy is applied? Can I wash it as usual down the road with soap or as I usually would?

Defy is a true one step solution for all vehicle cleaning and protection needs. It is both a cleaner and a protectant, so you would use it on a consistent basis to waterless clean you car while adding shine and protection to the surface.

How many cars will a bottle do?

A little goes a LONG way, each bottle is enough to coat 3-4 average sized vehicles from top to bottom.

How long does the shine and protection last?

Defy’s shine and protection lasts for months if you desire to only apply it once. We formulated Defy to be a waterless cleaner and protectant you use every time your car is dirty to clean, coat and protect for a just waxed shine with an ultra-slick finish.

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United States United States
I recommend this product
This stuff is the best

I love all three products. I peeped the car first. The ceramic wax is butter. Comes off super easy. Then I sprayed the entire car with d3fy even windows. The car looks balling.

Ethos Car Care Ceramic Starter Kit Review
Marty W.
United States United States
I recommend this product
My new truck

Item was very easy to wash vehicle took all debris off . The wax was very easy to put on and take off it helped on time spent on waxing compared to other brands the test now is my hunting trip to see if does great in the woods

Ethos Car Care Ceramic Starter Kit Review
United States United States
I recommend this product

Such a great product after a nice wash

Aris W.
United States United States
I recommend this product
This kit has it all

The ceramic wax lays down the perfect protection for my car. It's easy to apply and honestly one of the easiest wipe off experiences of any was I've had thus far. I was surprised at how well Defy actually removed dirt and dust from the car. It has really good hydrophobic properties and beads the water well. I've used a few ceramic infused shampoo's before and I've never really felt like they actually had any benefit's over just a regular car shampoo. This shampoo however is exactly what it says it is, a ceramic shampoo. I would highly recommend this ceramic shampoo to routinely keep up any ceramic based coating, sealant, or wax.

Ethos Car Care Ceramic Starter Kit ReviewEthos Car Care Ceramic Starter Kit Review
Joanna S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Really Great!

Got this purchase as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it so much! He’s a very big fan of this brand and the products