Watch: Graphene showing remarkable hydrophobic capabilities after 1 week 

WaxMode tests how Graphene Matrix Coating holds up just after 1 week on a daily driver!

Graphene Matrix Coating is regarded as one of the strongest and durable coatings on the market with incredible hydrophobic capabilities. With an extremely high surface sheer angle, water and contaminants such as road grime, debris, and tree sap don't stay on the surface long enough to create etching, water spotting, and staining. Graphene Matrix Coating creates a resistant layer that protects from abrasion, weathering, and oxidation. 

In this quick video, WaxMode shows how Graphene holds up just one week after being applied to a daily driver. In the future, we'll see how it handles the hot and humid conditions of Florida. 

  • Revolutionary Graphene Nanotechnology - An innovative technology applied to paint, glass, plastics, wheels and more
  • Superior Strength and Flexibility - Long term protection against paint fading, oxidation, UV rays, bug etching and water spotting
  • Durability Measured in Years, Not Months - Finally achieve 5+ years of protection from just one, easy application.
  • Incredible Hydrophobic Properties - Repels water and contaminants unlike any other product before
  • Imparts a Rich, Deep Shine and Ultra-Slick Coating - Creates stunning reflections while leaving a silky smooth finish behind
  • High Temperature Resistance 2200-3300*F - Designed to withstand the toughest of conditions