How To Install Graphene Matrix Coating: An Easy Step-By-Step Video Guide! 

Installing Graphene Matrix Coating in 4 EASY STEPS!

Graphene Matrix Coating is our most advanced coating made real Graphene, making it our most durable coating to date. With great protection comes greater responsibility! While being easy to use and 100% DIY, Graphene Matrix Coating requires more attention to detail than our Ceramic Wax Pro. In order to make sure you are getting the most out of your 5+ years of protection, we made a step-by-step video to guide you through your Graphene Matrix Coating installation.

30ml Bottle
30ml Bottle
30ml Kit with Detox, Applicator, and Microfibers
50ml Kit with Detox, Applicator, and Microfibers
50ml Bottle
100ml Bottle
100ml Kit

Graphene Matrix Coating

Revolutionary Graphene Nanotechnology - An innovative technology applied to paint, glass, plastics, trim, wheels and more

Simple DIY Application - Easy and straightforward installation without the need for additional tools or experience

Guaranteed Results - Trusted by professional detailers around the globe and backed by our "Tried-and-True" 100% satisfaction guarantee

Durability Measured in Years, Not Months - Achieve 5+ years of protection from just one, easy application

Incredible Hydrophobic Properties - Repels water and contaminants unlike any other product before

Imparts a Rich, Deep Shine and Non-Stick Coating - Creates stunning reflections while leaving a silky smooth finish behind

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