How to Apply Ceramic Wax Pro


  • Clean any loose dust, dirt and contaminants from the surface.
  • Clay bar any rough embedded contaminants from the surface to ensure no impurities interfere with the coatings properties.
  • Polish/Compound to remove any paint defects in the form of scratches, swirl marks and oxidation. 
  • Deep clean any polish oils or residues from the surface that could inhibit the bonding process using Ethos Detox.


We believe anyone should be able to get showroom quality shine and protection of a Ceramic Coating without the professional application cost. In this spirit we made a Ceramic Wax that can be applied by anyone with no special knowledge or tools required. Just wipe on Ceramic Wax Pro in a smooth thin even layer panel by panel. When you see the layer turn slightly hazy it's done curing just wipe clean and enjoy your beautifully slick and shiny surface!


  • Make sure the surface has been completely cleaned and decontaminated with Ethos Detox. The cleaner the surface, the better the bond!
  • Shake bottle well.
  • Apply a few drops of Ceramic Wax Pro onto your applicator until evenly covered.
  • When applying to your car you want to use very thin layers, you should be able to see your paint through your coating, if application appears white or chalky you're applying too much product.
  • You can apply in circular or straight line motions to your car whichever you feel most comfortable doing. The most important aspect here is to make sure you are getting even coverage.
  • Applicators should glide smoothly on the surface while laying down an even layer of coating. If the applicator starts to drag or the application becomes inconsistent, apply additional Ceramic Wax Pro to the applicator.
  • Once applied to your surface there is an average cure time of 10-15 minutes but that can vary depending on your climate. A good way to test if Ceramic Wax Pro is cured is to wipe one finger along the coating, if the wax removes without any left over residue its cured.
  • Using premium microfiber towels (Preferably our Utility Towels), thoroughly wipe down the section to remove the Ceramic Wax Pro residue. Your first wipe should remove about 80% of the residue, and your second wipe should easily remove the remainder. Use small, circular motions and little to no pressure during removal.
    IMPORTANT: Be sure to check adjacent panels to make sure you haven't "pushed" excess coating to other areas. Be thorough and continue to check your work before moving onto the next step.
  • Let the coating dry / cure for at least 24 hours before allowing it to get wet. The longer it stays dry the better, as it will continue to cure for about 5 days (you CAN drive the car during this time). We recommend that you don't wash the car for about a week afterwards.
Ceramic Wax and Prep Kit
Ceramic Wax and Prep Kit
Ceramic Wax and Prep Kit
Ceramic Wax and Prep Kit
Ceramic Wax and Prep Kit
Ceramic Wax and Prep Kit
Ceramic Wax and Prep Kit
Ceramic Wax and Prep Kit

Ceramic Wax and Prep Kit

Ceramic Wax Pro Coated Surfaces are Extremely Slick and Shiny - Making them Easier to Maintain & Stay Cleaner Longer!
One Product Solution for Vehicle Protection - Eliminates the need for additional waxes, polishes, or sealants which saves you time and money.
Easy Application, No Water or Tools Required - Anyone can use it!
20X Stronger Than Any Normal Sealant Or Wax - Used by NASA on the Space Shuttle!