Defy's unmatched versatility and hydrophobic properties!

Hai Tran shows us how versatile Defy really is. A spray on, wipe off formula that instantly Cleans, Conditions, and Coats!

Finally, one product can be used to clean, condition and coat any surface with lasting results easier than ever before. Ethos Defy instantly bonds to the surface of your paint or coating, creating an insane hydrophobic barrier in just seconds! You can't find another product that even compares to Defy, see for yourself!

  • Lab Tested Waterless Cleaning Formulation - Engineered to provide the best one-step waterless car wash with instant results you can see and feel!
  • Innovative 3-in-1 Formula - Cleans, Conditions and Coats any finish in seconds, leaving behind a mirror-like shine and protection.
  • Ceramic Protect and Shine with Insta-Bond™ Technology - Instantly leaves behind a slick, non-stick finish that repels Water, Dirt, Dust, Grime and other Contaminants.
  • Clean and Coat any Surface - Enhances and protects paint, plastic, trim, glass, wheels, chrome, vinyl and more!