Graphene Matrix Coating: In-Depth Installation

We discuss applying our Graphene Matrix Coating in higher temperatures and humidities!

Ethos Graphene Matrix coating is an extremely versatile, easy to use coating that can be applied to any painted, glass or plastic surface. When applied it forms a semi permanent barrier protecting your vehicle from oxidation and environmental damage for 5 or more years.

When preparing your vehicle for application it is important to remember to clean the surface using Ethos Detox prior to application to give the coating an optimal bond to the substrate.

Upon application of the coating you will notice the "rainbowing" effect take place as the graphene goes to work bonding to the finish. Shortly after application this 'rainbowing' effect will turn to a haze or fog meaning that the coating is ready to be removed. With high quality microfiber towels, completely remove the residue from the surface ensuring that there is no residue left behind. (Working in higher temperatures or environments will accelerate this flash time, so we do recommend performing a small test section before proceeding to the rest of the vehicle.

Repeat the steps along the rest of the vehicle working from one panel to the next until all your painted, glass, plastic and trim surfaces have been protected.

For additional protection and a more uniform coating, apply a second layer at a minimum of 1 hour after the first.

Wash and maintain using Ethos Ceramic Shampoo and Ethos Defy for additional shine, slickness and ongoing protection.

  • Revolutionary Graphene Nanotechnology - An innovative technology applied to paint, glass, plastics, wheels and more
  • Superior Strength and Flexibility - Long term protection against paint fading, oxidation, UV rays, bug etching and water spotting
  • Durability Measured in Years, Not Months - Finally achieve 5+ years of protection from just one, easy application.
  • Incredible Hydrophobic Properties - Repels water and contaminants unlike any other product before
  • Imparts a Rich, Deep Shine and Ultra-Slick Coating - Creates stunning reflections while leaving a silky smooth finish behind
  • High Temperature Resistance 2200-3300*F - Designed to withstand the toughest of conditions