12 Week Review: Graphene Matrix Coating

Papasmurf918 gives us his 12-week update to see how Graphene Matrix Coating holds up! 

"I am absolutely 150% happy. I have no complaints whatsoever. It was so easy to put on and the results are fantastic!"

Maintaining your Graphene Matrix Coating is made simple with Ceramic Shampoo and Defy. Ceramic Shampoo is a great slick, sudsy, and lubricating shampoo that rejuvenates the coating, while Defy gives you an extra layer of quick protection and gloss.

You might be asking, how am I able to use a Ceramic product on a Graphene coating?
Silica (Ceramic) and Carbon (Graphene) are right next to each other on the periodic table, and behave in a similar way on a molecular level. Having these similarities make them work very well together when using ceramic-based chemistries to maintain our Graphene-based coating. That's why Ceramic Shampoo works wonders for Graphene Coated vehicles!

Products Used For This Review