Ceramic Vs Graphene Coating: The Ultimate Showdown

Ceramic Coating

These type of professional-grade coatings utilize a nanotechnology in order to create a protective layer on top of your vehicle’s paint. The major benefit of this layer is the way in which the coating bonds to the surface of the vehicle: the nanoparticles allow that ceramic based coating to adhere at the molecular level, essentially guaranteeing to seal all the pores. 

Graphene Coating

There are quite a bit of similarities with ceramic coatings. For example, graphene also uses nanotechnology to bond to your vehicle’s paint thus ensuring molecular level sealing and protection. Yet what makes Graphene Coating a game changer? While both, ceramic coatings and graphene coatings, both protect against UV rays, water, dirt, and some contaminants, graphene has the advantage of being the strongest materials on Earth! While also being one of the thinnest materials due to its one atom structure. Thinner yet stronger, is that possible!? YES! 


Graphene has shown that it is an absolutely incredible material. Its physical properties allows it to out perform any other material and also allow you to install this product yourself, while also be competitive in price in this market.

30ml Bottle
30ml Bottle
30ml Kit with Detox, Applicator, and Microfibers
50ml Kit with Detox, Applicator, and Microfibers
50ml Bottle
100ml Bottle
100ml Kit

Graphene Matrix Coating

The most advanced nanotechnology infused coating on the market!