5 Steps to Keeping Your Interior Smelling Fresh

Jun 02, 2020 Tim Coats

There is nothing like getting your new car and taking that first drive, the interior smells fresh and untouched. That new car smell doesn’t just happen by accident. Auto manufacturers have smell teams who continuously improve the “interior atmosphere” of their vehicles! We typically refer to “new car smell” with the misconception that they are all the same, but the aroma is different for each vehicle. Now, we all know, life happens and a few months down that road that new car smell begins to fade, and you’re at a complete loss of what to do next. Here are 5 easy steps to ensure that fresh smell lingers longer and stronger!

Step 1

Use an Interior Detailer

An interior Detailer can clean and protect interior finishes! For example, Ethos Interior Detailer has a non-greasy formula that has an amazing “Matte” finish and is safe for all surfaces! Plus you can’t beat the fresh smell it leaves behind all the while providing UV and odor protection. We know it’s hard when you are hard-working and always on the go, and it is a lot easier to have that to go bag riding in that passenger seat. Yet that smell lingers and you start to loose that fresh and clean new car smell!

Interior Detailer
Interior Detailer

Interior Detailer


Step 2

No Smoking

It can be a tough habit to kick but cigarette smoke can seep into fabrics, leather and other materials and tends to linger for longer than wanted. Even smoking out of your vehicle can cause the smoke to linger on your clothing and slowly make its way into the interior. Mine as well use this as an opportunity to kick that habit to the curb!

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