Keep Your Car Looking New for Years

Protect your car’s paint from scratches, water spots, staining, and etching with Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0. The new improved formula repels dust, dirt, and moisture leaving your car looking incredibly shiny. That’s professional car care, made much easier and simpler.

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Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0 forms a permanent bond to the surface, providing exceptional long-term protection.


The nanoparticle Graphene layer leaves a stunningly rich, deepened gloss that drastically enhances the look and shine of your car’s paint.


Repels dust, dirt, and contaminants, providing improved resistance from scratches, water spots, staining, and etching.


Combines everything we've learned into a single bottle that turns ANYONE into a pro. With this product, you'll get more slickness, better durability, and more gloss – all at an even more affordable price.

The Easiest-To-Use Car Coating

Even beginners make their cars look amazing with Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0

1. Apply a few drops on the applicator

Apply a few drops of Graphene Matrix onto your applicator until evenly covered.

2. Spread over the surface of the car

Starting with horizontal / top surfaces first, applying in straight lines slightly overlapping from one line to the next. Work in small areas approximately 3’x3’ or the size of a door or half a hood at a time.

3. Wipe with microfiber towels

Applicators should glide smoothly on the surface while laying down an even layer of coating. If the applicator starts to drag or the application becomes inconsistent, apply additional drops to the applicator.

4. Leave to dry and cure for 48 hrs

Let the coating fully dry / cure for at least 48 hours before allowing it to get wet. If opting to layer the coating, wait 1 hour minimum between the 1st and 2nd coat.

Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0

Everything you need to make your car shine like new in one bottle. Whether you are a first-time coating user or a professional detailer, Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0 is guaranteed to perform month after month.

Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0



30 ml.

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Shield your most prized possession.

Protection from dust, dirt, and moisture

Incredible gloss and shine

5+ years of protection

Easy to use

90-day money back guarantee

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Graphene-infused shampoo

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Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0


Microfiber towels

90-day money back guarantee

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Graphene Coating V2.0
— 50 ml. Kit



50 ml.

Prep and coat your car in minutes.

Ceramic coating prep spray

Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0


Microfiber towels

90-day money back guarantee

So Much More Than Just Polishing

The improved Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0 doesn’t just make your car shine. It adds an impenetrable layer of protection.

Long-lasting cleanliness

Graphene nanotechnology repels dust, dirt, and contaminants leaving your car shiny for longer. Also, your car will be much easier to clean.

Keeps rust away

Hydrophobic nanotechnology keeps moisture away so that your car stays in mint condition even in rainy and snowy weather, and in high humidity.

Protection for paint

Graphene nanotechnology offers improved resistance from scratches. Also, it makes the color of your paint look deeper and more vibrant.

No more water stains

Graphene Matrix Coating V2.0 makes water literally roll off your car without leaving all those ugly stains. Say goodbye to a car wash after every rain.

Improved gloss and luster

The nanoparticle Graphene layer leaves a stunningly rich, deepened gloss that drastically enhances the look and shine of your paint.

Improved In Every Way


Protect your car for 5+ years with an unrivaled level of durability.


Achieve an unmatched level of smoothness and slickness for your car's paint.


Elevate the appearance of your car with a brilliant shine that is sure to turn heads.


Enjoy unbeatable protection for your car thanks to the high concentration of active resins.


Keep your car looking like new keeping moisture, dust, and dirt away for longer.


Get professional-level results with the fast and easy application process.


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    Lyles, Verified Buyer

  • "This coating is amazing, easy to apply and results are amazing. My jeep cleans itself in the rain and water beading is crazy. After the rain I just drive and the water flys off."

    Paul, Verified Buyer

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