Premium Plush Towel
Premium Plush Towel
Premium Plush Towel
Premium Plush Towel

Premium Plush Towel

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  • Premium Edgeless Design - No edges or tags to snag or scratch even the most delicate finishes.
  • High Quality 470gsm Plush Microfiber - Plush weave designed for countless applications.
  • Lint and Streak-Free Material - Made using hand picked korean fabric guaranteed to provide long lasting results.
  • Versatile Application - Great for use with coatings, interior cleaning, toppers and more!
Premium Plush Korean Made Microfiber Detailing Towels. Both sides are plush on these super soft microfiber detailing towels. This detailing microfiber towel set is great for Quick Details, Waterless Washes, Rinse-less Wash, Final Wipes, and cleaning any delicate surface.

The high pile fibers of these Korean Plush Microfiber Towels give the dirt and grime you are wiping a cushion and help protect your paint surface from scratching. 
  • KOREAN MICROFIBER - Made with high quality 470 gsm, 80% polyester, 20% polyamide, 100% split South Korean made microfiber.
  • ZERO EDGE DESIGN - The ultrasonic cut edges help prevent scratching and streaking from rough polyester overlock stitching and polyester silk or cloth edge binding.
  • PLUSH HIGH PILE - The high pile and long plush fibers pull dirt and grit away from the paint surface, and into the plush microfiber cloth preventing scratching and swirls.
  • EXTREMELY SOFT AND GENTLE - The thick and plush fibers are double split making them softer and more gentle than normal microfiber.