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Surface Coat
Surface Coat

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Surface Coat is a state of the art sealer and protectant designed to bond to any automotive, boat, RV, airplane, home or office surface. Achieve great results inside and outside the home. Whether its applying to your hot rod or the counter tops of your home, Surface Coat shines and protects it all!

  • Easy to use and safe on any surface
  • Strong bonding ceramic formula
  • Slick, durable and long lasting protection
  • Repels Water and Debris, UV and PH resistant

Surface Coat is silicone/solvent free and completely safe for the environment.


For best results, apply Surface Coat on clean surfaces outside of direct sunlight*

Surface Coat was designed for use on glossy surfaces, test satin/matte surfaces for compatibility prior to use.

  1. Evenly spray Surface Coat onto the surface you are looking to enhance, coat and protect.
  2. Spread Surface Coat using a clean microfiber towel, evenly and thoroughly spreading the product across the applied surface.
  3. Final Buff the applied surfaces to remove any streaking or smearing to achieve a completely sealed and protected surface. Surface Coat can be layered for additional protection.


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