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Ceramic Wax, the Wax of THE FUTURE!

Ethos Ceramic Wax bridges the gap between ceramic coatings and hand applied waxes or sealants.Using state of the art SiO2 components, we have formulated a liquid wax which can be applied easily and efficiently on any painted surface.

Ceramic Wax is blended with Sio2 Ceramic Ingredients to provide added durability, shine and slickness over traditional Carnauba Waxes.

When applied correctly you can expect:

  • 12+ Months Durability
  • High gloss and clarity
  • Ultra-Hydrophobicity 
  • UV and PH repellency 


  • Shake well before use.
  • Surfaces should be cool. Avoid direct sunlight and hot temperatures.
  • Apply a thin layer of Ceramic Wax to a clean and wax free surface using a foam or microfiber applicator. Let cure for 10-15 min before removal. Allow 24 hours full cure time before washing or getting wet.
  • Apply additional coats for added protection.

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