Ceramic Wax, Does it Live Up To The Hype?

 "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win," Mahatma Ghandi

Ethos Ceramic Wax has hit the industry with a buzz. Why has it become so popular and yet so controversial at the same time?

First, let's discuss what Ceramic Wax is and isn't. 


  • An Sio2 Infused Carnauba Wax
  • Higher gloss and slickness than traditional waxes/sealants
  • Easy to Use
  • Up to 12 Months of Durability
  • Provides 3x the protection of standard waxes


  • Bulletproof protection that resists all scratches, swirl marks, water spots or other excessive damage.
  • A product to be applied on improperly maintained, prepared or cleaned surfaces.
  • Designed to be durable against abuse, ultra caustic cleaners or in ultra demanding conditions.

Frankly, no Ceramic Coating (Pro or DIY) can resist these things long term...

"I have been driving and caring for my vehicles for over 50 years and I have never come across a wax like Ethos ceramic coating wax....in a word, this wax is jaw dropping! OMG I can't believe the finish and here I had been using pure carnauba wax all these years..To say that I am satisfied is an understatement Thank you Ethos for a fine product and don't get a big head and raise the price of your wonderful ceramic wax...you won me over Thank You!!!!!!!!!!"


Ceramic Wax was designed to bridge the gap between carnauba waxes or sealants and professional Ceramic Coatings. It is not designed to REPLACE a professional grade ceramic coating nor to outperform one. Whether you are a DIYer looking to protect your vehicle or a professional wanting to add value to your customers, Ceramic Wax is a great choice. Since it is infused with Ceramic ingredients, it does not wash off or fade like typically carnauba waxes. It has a higher resistant to heat, detergent and UV rays than that old Brazilian' Carnauba stuff. This means that one application lasts much longer which then means you will spend less time waxing your car and more time spent enjoying it!

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