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Ready to spend more time enjoying your car and less time scrubbing away grime?

Ethos Car Care makes it easy to keep your car looking the best!

"Absolutely loved my experience with the Graphene Matrix Coating. Truly impressed with this company and product so far."

-Victor R.

"Great price, fast shipping and awesome customer service! Defy is amazing! Use it on almost any surface, high gloss and great protection, easy to use and a little goes a long way! Highly recommend"

-Nick D.

"We highly recommend Ceramic Wax Pro as a fast, easy to use, economical, cost-effective, and glossy ceramic coating."

-Jenni O.

"The shine and detail in my paint are amazing thanks to Ethos. Keep up the amazing innovation."

-Stefan T.

"Ethos really impressed me with Graphene Matrix Coating , I will be looking forward to new releases from this company."

-Gabriel P.

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As professional detailers, we searched high and low for products we could trust to provide the best results on our customers vehicles. We were extremely disappointed to find that many of these products simply did not live up to their claims and thought, "There had to be a better way!"

Ethos was founded with the simple goal of making professional results quicker and easier than ever before. Our products are better because we know what works through decades of experience detailing in the real world. We take this hard-earned experience and combine it with state of the art chemistry to make products that produce results you truly must see to believe.